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Amnesty tax filing deadline extended by IRS for offshore accounts

tax form

Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas — In hopes that more Americans with hidden offshore bank accounts step forward and confess to the IRS they have untaxed money in their offshore accounts, the IRS has extended its Amnesty offshore program for an additional two weeks.

The initial deadline was August 31, 2011 but the IRS actually believes hurricane Irene prevented taxpayers from turning themselves in, and has extended the due date for the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative until September 9, 2011.

Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner of Thorn Law Group, a law firm that represents many taxpayers throughout the U.S. and around the world with undisclosed offshore accounts states, “This may be the last opportunity like this for taxpayers with undisclosed offshore accounts to take advantage of; to not do so may open
them to severe civil penalties and a possible criminal investigation or even criminal prosecution.”

A recent investigation into prominent offshore wealth management banks, Credit Suisse and HSBC, and multiple indictments by the Department of Justice have sparked taxpayers’ interest by demonstrating the risks of not disclosing a foreign account, but also portraying the benefits of full disclosure under the umbrella of the 2011 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative.

Even though taxpayers with their retirement funds tucked away in offshore accounts haven’t turned themselves in and made written confessions to the IRS in the past eight months, the agency believes that miraculously, in the next nine days, taxpayers out of good faith, in these difficult times, will point the IRS to the nest-egg they worked all their lives to build.


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Pentagon predicts China will have one of the most powerful armies in the world by 2020

The Pentagon

Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C. — Chinese state media has dismissed a report from the Pentagon that suggests China will be one of the most powerful armies by 2020, warning of instability in the Asia-Pacific region. According to the United States Defense Department, China is re-tooling one of the world’s most powerful armies much faster than expected – at a time when defense budgets are being cut in almost all other industrialized nations.

“China’s modernized military could be put to use in ways that increase China’s ability to gain diplomatic advantage or resolve disputes in its favor,” the report said. Among the major new developments the Pentagon noted was the launch of China’s first aircraft carrier for a maiden run earlier this month. Such measures significantly increase the reach of the Chinese military, and make it able to protect its interests
around the world.

The ship is a refitted former Soviet craft, but the report said China could begin construction of a fully indigenous carrier in 2011 that could be operational after 2015. “China likely will build multiple aircraft carriers with support ships over the next decade,” the Pentagon declared.

The report also says the January test flight of China’s stealth fighter jet, the J-20, “highlights China’s ambition to produce a fighter aircraft that incorporates stealth attributes, advanced avionics and super-cruise capable engines over the next several years.”

China’s state-run news agency Xinhua indicated the leadership is not particularly impressed with the Pentagon’s warnings.

“The allegation is an utterly cock-and-bull story about the Chinese military based on a wild guess and illogical reasoning,” an English-language Xinhua commentary said.

“China, which has adhered to a defensive military policy, with its rising economic clout and sprawling commercial and strategic interests around the world, has every right to build a competent military.”

There was also a hostile response from China’s embassy in Washington, which described the report as “a reflection of cold war mentality” and would be used as a tool to depict China as a threat. The entire report from the Pentagon about China can be read or downloaded here.


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Sarah Palin’s September 3 announcement could cut both ways

Sarah Palin - photo by Joseph Earnest

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — As the September 3, date approaches for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to make her announcement, Mitt Romney supporters hope she announces her candidacy for U.S president, while Bachmann, Perry and Ron Paul supporters hope she doesn’t.

A Palin candidacy would definitely work against Michele Bachmann who gained social proof from her association with Palin that catapulted her, making her a top tier candidate. Ron Paul is viewed by many, including Tea Party members, as an isolationist even though he is the godfather of the movement. Rick Perry attained acceptance into the Tea Party by virtue of Sarah Palin’s endorsement of him during his last gubernatorial race.

For Palin to step in at this point of the game, it could work both for her and against her. Were she to run for president, she could easily win the primaries because the Tea Party, Evangelicals and conservatives would propel her into the general, since she is the biggest name on the GOP side.

She would be fiercely contested by Romney though, who has a very strong ground game and deep pockets, but in the primary, she could very well prevail due to her grassroots loyalty that Romney lacks. In the general, if she were to face Obama, she would need a running-mate with strong economic credentials because the thrust of the 2012 election will be the economy and job creation.

Her announcement could also work against her like it did Fred Thompson because it would come a little too late. She does not have the infrastructure that the rest of the candidates have set up, and she would also have to raise large sums of money in a short amount of time to sustain her staff and also buy ad space, because the media will wage perhaps the biggest negative campaign against her than they have waged against any other candidate. To neutralize the media, she would have to have a huge war chest and a rapid response team to counter the misinformation about her.

It could also work against her because elections tend to be emotional, and voters who have already picked their horses are emotionally invested in those candidates. Switching to someone different would be highly unlikely for a voter who has already pledged his or her to support a particular candidate.

Palin’s contractual obligations kept her from announcing earlier this summer, and it is only now that she has some wiggle room to state her intentions. A very vocal contingent of Republicans pretending to be pro-Palin are encouraging her to run, yet the truth is that they are anti-Perry and understand very well that if Palin were to run, it would put Romney ahead, because Palin/Perry/Paul/Bachmann would have to split the votes. Romney would not be affected as much and would end up pulling ahead because his voters are a totally different crowd.

Remember, the media has already picked Mitt Romney and they will do everything to help him win, should Sarah Palin decide to run.

If it is Palin’s wish to run for president, she should run, win or lose. However, a little birdie tells this writer that she might opt to be a kingmaker, and instead announce she is endorsing Rick Perry. We would then once again see the tag team that we witnessed here in Texas, as Palin galvanizes voters into Perry’s camp.

Either way, whether she announces that she is running, or decides she gunning for her friend Rick Perry, we’re in for a wild election cycle in 2012. Click here to view Palin photo gallery


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Elenin frenzy gains cult status on the Internet driven by fearmongers

Elenin frenzy sweeps the Internet

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — The hottest buzz on the Internet is about the comet called Elenin that some have even called Planet X or Nibiru, even though a comet and a planet are two separate objects. Several people have made false predictions including a prior prediction that on March 15, 2011 there would be a “pole-shift” in which the North and South poles would switch places triggering tidal waves hundreds of miles high and cities would be drowned. All of the failed predictions make the Elenin specialists lose credibility because the claims are unsubstantiated nor do the authors produce any credible scientific evidence to demonstrate the validity of their claims.

Youtube has become the most popular platform for video editors to convince their viewers that they are now experts in Astronomy. What betrays the doomsday prophets are their use or mention of Nostradamus and incorporating his predictions into their work to justify the different timelines they have concocted.

In essence the public is being induced into fear by people who have no scientific background who are presenting pseudo-science as fact.

Exactly a year ago, I wrote this article about the U.S. government building deep underground military bases (DUMBS) in anticipation of a catastrophe.

The power grid in Washington D.C. faced temporary interruption due to the earthquake that struck the city on Tuesday. These interruptions will force people to develop survival skills and not be entirely dependant on the grid. There are movements across the nation called “Off the grid” movements, that are well adapted to living life without the comfort of technology other than phone and Internet service. If an extended disruption were to occur across America, those currently living off the grid and the Amish would be well-adapted than the rest of the population to survive.

People whose parents grew up during World War II always had their cupboards and pantries stocked with enough edibles and water to last three to six months, yet today we live in a fast-food society expecting instant fulfillment and put little effort in making contingency plans because we are trapped in our comfort zones. Very few take the time to develop survival skills and have become accustomed to the conveniences that most cannot imagine living without.

The comet (Elenin) will be passing through our solar system in 2011 and several timelines have been laid out. If one were to search the Internet using the keyword “Elenin” the amount of information available would be inexhaustible. Several key dates have been mentioned for this comet or dwarf planet to enter our solar system. Elenin is completely different from Nibiru or Planet X (an alleged twelfth planet) which is twice the size of Jupiter. However, disinformation agents have combined the two and are referring to the object as Elenin/Nibiru/Planet X.

NASA has said Elenin poses no threat to the earth, and on October 16, 2011 it will be the closest to earth and should be at its brightest.

Indeed there will be solar flares that interrupt the earth’s magnetic field sometime around December 21, 2012, and NASA, NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration), the Smithsonian Institution, the United States Air Force, a number of major universities, and advanced technology corporations gave evidence that a contemporary Carrington-scale event would lead to deep and widespread social disruption. Nobody knows how widespread the disruption will be.

The video below seems to be the only credible Youtube video regarding Elenin

Elenin debunked

As to why the U.S. government continues to build these underground bunkers including the city underneath Denver airport, only the well-connected who will be the beneficiaries, might be able to answer that question.


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Psychological warfare: Saif al-Islam Gadhafi attempts to fool the public

Saif al-Islam Gadhafi

Newscast Media TRIPOLI, Libya — Saif al-Islam Gadhafi who was reportedly captured by rebels, and then later allegedly released by Gadhafi loyalists, made a public appearance to assure Gadhafi supporters that his father is still in control of Tripoli. A bearded Saif al-Islam appeared on the streets wearing an olive
t-shirt, congratulating supporters. He went on to say the appearance was to refute rumors of his arrest and he wanted to tour the city.

His appearance has now made him an even bigger target because he has publicized his whereabouts and where he intends to travel. However, one must remember that he too is playing a psychological game against the rebels to demoralize them into believing that Gadhafi is still in control when in fact his rule has come to an end.

He is also playing on the minds of the gullible public into believing the fall of Gadhafi is a hoax and is using the exact words as Iraqi’s Saïd al-Sahaf’s who denied that Baghdad had fallen. These last minute public appearances in Arab countries are nothing more than acts of bravado. Watch video below.

“…They flew, like rats.” – Saïd al-Sahaf

Saif al-Islam Gadhafi is using Iraqi’s Saïd al-Sahaf’s psychological tactics

In 2003, Saïd al-Sahaf Iraq’s Minister of Disinformation denied reports that Baghdad had been captured. He kept assuring Iraqis that Saddam was still in control. When US troops were at the Baghdad International Airport he continued to deny the reports. US troops even stood a few feet from him and were shown on
camera and he dismissed them as actors. It wasn’t after that the US troops arrested him in real time, that he admitted the regime had fallen.

Saif al-Islam is using the same kind of pyschological warfare to duplicate Iraqi’s Saïd al-Sahaf’s tactics, and only critical thinkers have been able to decipher his mind.


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Gadhafi the King of Kings crumbles -who’s next in line?

Moammar Gadhafi

Newscast Media TRIPOLI, Libya — Over the weekend, Libya’s opposition seized Tripoli and took control of Green Square in the center of the city, and the rebels reportedly captured Gadhafi’s sons Seif al-Islam and al-Saadi, in Tripoli, who had arrest warrants issued by the International Criminal Court ICC. With his closest confidants in detention, Gadhafi’s regime has finally come to an end.

Interestingly enough, it took the rebels almost six months of fighting without making much progress, yet in the past 72 hours, they were able to plow through the strongest resistance and seize the capital of Libya. There is no doubt that they got some outside help from skilled combatants who smashed through the enemy lines, then quickly withdrew and let the rebels mop up the job. We saw this happen in Ivory Coast when Gbagbo held onto power for over four months and would not surrender.

It only took 24 hours for the French, who sent a secret contingent of some of their best warriors to dislodge Gbagbo, soon after that they pulled out of the area and let the opposition topple the government. It is the same Modus Operandi that the West uses when a stubborn dictator clings to power and refuses to let go.
Here’s how it works: (i)The West always sends out a warning to the dictator and his family to leave the country. (ii)The dictator’s assets are then frozen across the globe, and sanctions are placed upon the country. (iii) A last warning is then issued if the dictator stubbornly holds on to power. (iv) As a final resort, the dictator if forcefully removed militarily.

Even though Gadhafi was a dictator, it is doubtful that the main reason he was removed from power was because he was oppressing his people. There is a high likelihood that he was removed because he was not enslaved to any central bank. His country always had a surplus, therefore the international banking cartel that sets leaders up and also destroys them, did not want to have a ruler who governed independent of them. When someone or a country is debt-free, that person is not part of the Matrix and cannot be controlled. Unlike most African dictators who are puppets and pawns to their foreign masters, Gadhafi was nobody’s puppet and the ruling elite weren’t too thrilled about that. The video below explains it:

Produced by Peter Joseph

In Africa, it is the way of life for rulers to seize power through violence, therefore they have to be removed through violence. African leaders who forcefully seize power never step down willingly. They always leave against their will, so don’t for a second think that the poorly-armed rebels who failed to topple Gadhafi for
months all of a sudden woke up three days ago with miraculous powers and captured Tripoli without outside help on the ground. Gadhafi’s fall is going to have a ripple effect across Africa, and is the beginning of the end of dictatorships across the continent. There is an African proverb that says, “The big fish is caught with the big hook.”

It would be a big mistake for the smaller fish to ignore this day, and continue to oppress their citizens.


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The Agenda and I: Egyptian revolution film by Neveen Shalaby

Neveen Shalaby

Newscast Media CAIRO, Egypt — The recently released documentary The Agenda and I, is the work of a TV reporter and filmmaker Neveen Shalaby, who is based in Cairo, Egypt, that captures some of the most outstanding scenes of the Egyptian Revolution that took place this year. Neveen was one of the demonstrators who also had her camera with her and documented The Revolution as it happened in real time. Click here to see photos of The Revolution>>

I had a chance to interview my friend, the fast-talking filmmaker, about her documentary and what inspired her to not only be a part of history, but to also write it. The movie is actually called “The Agenda and Me” however, I made a mistake and said “The Agenda and I” so she just went along with the new name and substituted the “Me” for “I” out of politeness and courtesy.

Below is the trailer of The Agenda and I:

The Agenda and I – Videography and production by Neveen Shalaby

As the world watched the revolution unfold, some Egyptians were able to share with broadcast networks their videos that showed what was transpiring behind-the-scenes, and that’s how the West and the rest of the world got a glimpse into the historic event as Egyptians descended upon Tahrir Square.

Newscast Media: Neveen is the producer of The Agenda and I. How did you come up with the name and what is the meaning behind it?

Neveen: The agenda is one of the most famous expressions that the politicians and media used to say during our revolution on TV and in newspapers, and it was a really new expression for us, which made me search to know what they meant, and I used “I” in the title of the movie because I was not only the director of the movie I was also one of the demonstrators within the revolution and when you watch the movie, you will hear my voice a lot. In my movie I found that by “Agenda” they meant that we started our revolution because of foreign agendas, sometimes they said it was from USA and other times from Iran or Israel.

Newscast Media: During the revolution, at some point it became dangerous to be on the streets, yet Egyptians continued to flock Freedom Square. What motivated you to continue your struggle?

Neveen: The blood of the martyrs gave me the power to stay until the end.

Newscast Media: Why did Egyptians choose to rise up against Mubarak this year, yet for decades, you seemed to tolerate him?

Neveen: As in all revolutions, there is accumulation during years, maybe it could be 30 years, and there are sparking events of The Revolution like Khaild Said’s murder.

Newscast Media: Did the Tunisia revolution have anything to do with motivating Egyptians?

Neveen: Sure, it gave us hope that it could be happen, that the president (Mubarak) could leave.

Newscast Media: The government shut down social media and phone services, how were you able to communicate and keep the Revolution alive?

Neveen: It was one of the main reasons we had large numbers on the streets because we felt afraid to each other, so we went to the streets with big numbers … thanks to them for doing that… and that day we called it “Friday of Rage” and it was a big and different day for the Revolution when Mubarak read the first letter to the public.

Newscast Media: There is a group called “Anonymous” that some say played a role, is that true?

Neveen: I didn’t know anything about that group until only a few days ago during the Syrian revolution, not in our revolution.

Newscast Media: What are your thoughts about what is happening in Libya, Syria, Israel and London, which are now experiencing chaos?

Neveen: I don’t think it’s chaos, it is the normal changing world. People changed and the government can’t understand what is going on. With the high technology in communications, nothing is a secret, that’s what is making people change, and they will never accept what they accepted before.

Newscast Media: Do you think this will spread to sub-Saharan Africa?

Neveen: I didn’t think so until now.

Newscast Media: Mubarak was recently in court and was caged. How did Egyptians react to that whole courtroom scene.

Neveen: Oh, it was a great day for us , most of us couldn’t believe what we watched on TV. I was so happy and I cried from the happiness when I saw him in court and listened when the Judge called him “accused Mubarak answer him,” yes, we made this as a ring-tone to our mobiles to feel happiness all over the day.

Newscast Media: What is the main message of The Agenda and I and how many people are involved…what roles do they play?

Neveen: Discover the real agenda behind the Egyptian revolution. It’s a documentary film and I did every thing in the movie. I interviewed more than 25 people in the movie with four main characters.

Newscast Media: How long have you been a filmmaker, and are there any other projects you have worked on?

Neveen: About 6 years, now I’m editing part two of the movie “The Agenda and Me Tunisia”… which I filmed in Tunis. Also I will start my first long fiction film next October.

Newscast Media: What is your educational background, and at what age did you realize you wanted to make films?

Neveen: I have a Bachelor of Arts History from Cairo university. I then got a directing diploma from Cinema Academy in Cairo and did a lot of workshops in filmmaking during the festivals which I joined, like Berlin Talent Campus in Berlin. In 2008 and 2009 I realized I wanted to make films when I was at school, but my family refused me to study cinema, but I did when I finished my faculty studying.

Newscast Media: Lastly, what is your message to the world? Is there any misconception about Egypt or Egyptians you want to correct?

Neveen: There is a lot I’m trying to change, and my message to world is, let’s try to understand each other, and we will never fight again.


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Africa’s top 10 universities dominated by S. Africa, Egypt and Uganda

Africa's top 10 universities

Newscast Media CAPE TOWN, South Africa — A newly-released survey by Webometrics shows South African universities dominating the top 10 educational institutes in Africa. Webometrics is a research group of the Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales (CCHS), part of the National Research Council (CSIC), the largest public research body in Spain.

TOP 10 African Universities:

1. University of Cape Town – South Africa

2. University of Pretoria – South Africa

3. Stellenbosch University – South Africa

4. University of Witwatesrand – South Africa

5. University of Kwazulu Natal – South Africa

6. Rhodes University – South Africa

7. University of the Western Cape – South Africa

8. Cairo University – Egypt

9. University of South Africa – South Africa

10. Makerere University – Uganda

University of Cape Town takes the first position, and is closely followed by the University of Pretoria, South Africa in second position, next comes Stellenbosch University also in South Africa in third position. The University of Witwatersrand, South Africa comes fourth, while University of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa is fifth. The sixth position is occupied by Rhodes University, South Africa. In seventh position is University of the Western Cape, South Africa.

South Africa dominance is only challenged by the Cairo University in Egypt which is eighth in ranking. This is closely followed by University of South Africa, South Africa in ninth position, and Makerere University, Uganda in tenth position.

Uganda’s Makerere University has maintained its 10th position as Africa’s best ranked 100 universities according to the survey. Uganda has gone through turbulent times, with teachers and college professors threatening to go on strike due to low pay, yet they still remain dedicated to their chosen profession and have kept the university in the top 10.

University of Dar Es Salaam ranked 38, while Kenyatta University was at 58 and National University of Rwanda was in the 78th position. To see the full list of top 100 universities click here.


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Pope Benedict XVI urges youth to be witnesses of hope and confidence

Pope Benedict XVI

Newscast Media MADRID, Spain — On his arrival in Madrid Benedict XVI invites the youth to be witnesses of hope and confidence. The current crisis confirms the necessity for an ethical foundation to place the economy at the service of man…

Read or download full text of the Holy Father’s homily.

We cannot recover from the crisis which continues to embroil the world if we are not ready to recognize that the economy is not measured according to the logic of profit but according to the common good, through responsibility for others, for one’s own nation, for the world and for the future. In this logic, the concept of duty also plays its part, especially in Europe, to protect the planet and guarantee work for everyone. With his thoughts turned to the great questions which confront human society today, Benedict XVI began his trip to Madrid, Thursday morning, August 18th, for the 26th World Youth Day.

The Pope placed a triple mission in the hands of young people: to make visible the presence of God, to open borders and create space for friendship. For these reasons, World Youth Day needs to continue. Aboard the papal plane en route to Madrid, the Pope answered questions from some of the 56 media journalists and operators traveling with him; only part of the nearly 5,000 accredited media who will guarantee wide coverage of the event.

The first question on the connection between World Youth Day and its creator, John Paul II, Pope Ratzinger spoke of “an inspiration,” and “a great idea” on the part of the Polish Pontiff. World Youth Days are a, “cascade of light, a signal.” They make the faith and the presence of God in the world visible, increasing young people’s “courage” to believe. Thanks to these meetings, in fact, believers do not feel alone and are able to experience “the large network” of faith and friendship. A network, explained the Pope, which links the world and God, and represents, “and important reality for the future of humanity.”

As to the second question on the crisis and involvement of young people in recent protests, Benedict XVI reaffirmed the concept of the centrality of man and the necessity of an ethical foundation in economic processes. As for young people, the Pontiff was very clear: “if the youth of today have no prospects, our today has made a mistake.” The Church, for its part, in its social doctrine, “opens many up to the possibility of renouncing profit and seeing things in the religious and humanistic dimension, that is to live for one another.” Thanks to God, the Pope added, “a better world is possible.”

Dialogue and tolerance were the topics of the third question. Benedict XVI took the occasion to reiterate that, “truth is accessible only in freedom. You can impose upon others through violence…but not the truth! Truth is only open to freedom and free consent: freedom and truth are so intimately united, that the one is the condition for the other.”

Finally, returning to the topic of the first question, the Pope said that World Youth Day is not quantifiable in terms of numbers and statistics because, “God always sows seeds in silence.” It is a “message of hope,” the Pope said again in his first address upon arrival in Madrid, which fills “us with confidence before the future” and gives young people “a reason to hope” despite worries and difficulties.


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Mitt Romney continues to pound Obama with “Obama isn’t working” ads

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — As he brandishes his ad campaign against the incumbent president, Mitt Romney gives Obama an “F” for failure, and has called him “one of the most ineffective presidents” to occupy the White House. Romney has released a series of ads called “Obama isn’t working” to remind voters that Obama does not deserve a second term in the White House as president. In 2008, Obama ran against lukewarm candidates on the GOP side, but in 2012, he is going against some super heavyweights in the Republican Party, and it won’t be a cakewalk for him this time.

Obama isn’t working Chicago

With the economy in dire straits and his approval rating at 39 percent, Obama will have to come up with a convincing campaign to persuade voters that things will get better if elected for a second term. However, voters are awakened and have been seriously affected by Obama’s economy so the likelihood of them believing that somehow Obama can magically cure the economy, is questionable.

Obama’s comments could become a self-fulfilling prophecy

Romney has a business background to prove that he has the experience in building small businesses in the real world and creating jobs, whereas Obama made it into the White House without any business experience. The media hype and hunger for change propelled Obama into the White House, yet the majority of the people who voted for him now harbor regrets, as reflected in his approval rating.

Obama isn’t working Allen town

Obama also has to deal with Perry who has governed a state that is the highest job creator in America, and can back it up with statistics that prove Texas has been the top job creator in America for the past ten years. Nobody makes the media nervous like Perry and it is interesting to see how he is getting under their skins, yet it’s been less than a week since he thrust himself into the race.

Obama’s biggest mistake was destroying the small business sector after being elected president. It is almost as though he purposely went into the White House for that reason. No other president in America’s history set out to kill the very sector that creates jobs like Obama did. Obama instead has catered to Wall Street particularly the Goldman Sachs crowd who dominate his administration. Small businesses are the heart and soul of economic growth in any nation and now Romney, and eventually Perry, will continue to launch a multi-directional attack on Obama in an effort to check mate him.


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Landlocked Uganda on brink of lockdown as their president contemplates Mabira forest giveaway to Indians

Mabira forest is the biggest forest reserve in central Uganda and it's one of the few surviving rain forests remaining in Uganda. It is also known for its Ecotourism, haboring in excess of 300 species of birds, many of which are rare; including the Pied Hornbill, Superb Sunbird, Grey Parrot, Crowned Eagle, Black-billed Turacos and the endangered Nahan's Frankolin. There are over 300 plant species, some of which are of medicinal value.

Newscast Media KAMPALA, Uganda — After Uganda endured the Walk-to-Work protests and the violence perpetrated by the police against unarmed civilians, Uganda is once again back in the headlines, this time it has to do with an ecosystem that is about to be destroyed. Mabira forest is one of the fewest surviving rainforests, yet Uganda’s president has created a stir by announcing he plans to give away part of the forest to Indians.

Museveni’s rationale is that the reason the cost of living including sugar prices are high, is because of Mabira forest. Initially he blamed it on the drought, but Ugandans refused to buy his explanation. He then blamed it on the Walk-to-Work protests alleging that businesses were shut down causing the economy to slow down. The latest reason is Mabira forest, whereby Museveni argues that if the forest is given away to Indians, they will grow sugar canes, and the output of sugar will increase, causing sugar prices to fall.

Museveni himself does not believe that. The reason why the sugar prices are high is because all sugar factories are hoarding the sugar to create scarcity so they can profit from the high prices. They also are trying to fool Ugandans into believing that only by growing more sugar, will the prices fall, and have undermined the intelligence of Ugandans. The sugar industry is controlled by Indians. This Indian cartel manipulates sugar prices and has successfully convinced Museveni to give them part of Mabira. The only obstacle hindering the deal from being consummated, is the Ugandan citizen as the Daily Monitor reports.

Lack of critical thinking

The greatest problem that plagues most African rulers is their lack of critical thinking. In this previous article, the Tanzanian government wanted to destroy the Serengeti by building a highway across the national park. It took the Germans, to talk sense into them prompting the Tanzanian government to give up their plans. Uganda is now facing the same problem. The government doesn’t see the reason in having forests and ecosystems; to them it is just a waste of space that’s why they are adamant about giving it away to foreigners. These foreign agents will eventually burn the forest down, destroy the ecosystems, then bulldoze the ground to make room for a sugarcane plantation. For sugar canes to be planted, the ground has to be flat and the only way that can happen is by using a bulldozer.

The process of leveling a forest using a bulldozer

The process of leveling a forest using a bulldozer

Museveni is making Idi Amin Uganda’s most popular president

The country is now under lockdown. Several thousand troops have flooded the streets of Kampala because right now Uganda is on the brink of experiencing civil unrest. Activists for Change are allegedly planning to protest; traders and merchants whose market was burned down under suspicious circumstances harbor hostile tendencies toward Uganda’s government. Currently, the Ugandan citizens, mostly from Buganda kingdom, see the forest giveaway as an encroachment by Museveni on their land. To make it worse, it is being given to foreigners. Ugandans are now asking the question, “Where is Idi Amin when you need him?”

One thing Ugandans are in agreement with is that Idi Amin loved Uganda so utterly, so completely, that he would never contemplate giving away its national treasures to foreign agents. To him it would be treason against the sovereignty of Uganda for anyone to mention the possibility of giving away an inch of any forest reserve.

Amin is blamed for expelling Indians yet the whole story is not truthfully told. The expulsion was not mandatory. Idi Amin noticed that Uganda was flooded with Indians who were benefiting from the economy but were sending the profits to overseas accounts, especially London. All Amin wanted was for the Indians to reinvest the money in Uganda in order to grow the economy. The Indians refused, and Amin viewed them as “economic pimps” who were exploiting Uganda for their own personal gain.

An offer was made to the Indians by Idi Amin. He said: “Either your allegiance is to Uganda, the proof which is you become Ugandan citizens and invest your money in your country, or you will have to leave. You have 90 days to make a decision.” The Indians chose to leave, because most of them had British passports.

Ugandans are watching their country being stripped, that they now long for the days when leaders stood up to foreign powers. The current government cannot stand up to foreign leaders because they have been compromised through excessive loans and grants, that they are practically enslaved by the engineered indebtedness. Nobody knows what the Indian cartel promised Museveni, but the president has often claimed to be a patriot, yet his actions contradict his claims. Uganda’s motto is, “For God and my country,” now it seems the motto is, “For God and foreign agents.” There is nothing wrong with foreign investment –every country needs commerce to survive, but not at the expense of a country’s national treasures or ecosystem.

What’s the motivation for tourists?

It is obvious the decision-makers in Uganda do not value tourism, or else they would think twice about the ramifications of this pivotal decision. Mabira forest is the biggest forest reserve in central Uganda and it’s one of the few surviving rain forests remaining in Uganda. It is also known for its Ecotourism, harboring in excess of 300 species of birds, many of which are rare; including the Pied Hornbill, Superb Sunbird, Grey Parrot, Crowned Eagle, Black-billed Turacos and the endangered Nahan’s Frankolin. There are over 300 plant species, some of which are of medicinal value. After the forests are given away, what next, the national parks and the lakes?

The Egyptians were smart to make sub-Saharan African countries sign a treaty that Egypt would control the Nile and no development would happen along its banks whatsoever. Without such a treaty, there is no telling who would control and divert the Nile, perhaps to a man-made reservoir for the purpose of bottling its water, then selling the bottled water back to the native Africans. You have to give credit to the Egyptians for their ancient wisdom and insight.

All you have to do is take a look at Lake Chad that shrank as much as 95% from about 1963 to 1998, accoring to Journal of Geophysical Research, due to mismanagement and overgrazing, causing desertification in the surrounding areas, which resulted into what once was one of the largest lakes in the world, to be reduced to a mere pond.

If the Indian cartel succeeds in convincing the government to give them the forest so they can burn it down, sell the charcoal, then bulldoze it into a flat land and grow sugarcanes, what would motivate any tourist to visit a sugarcane plantation?

Museveni will cause racial tensions in Uganda if he continues with his plans. Non-blacks will become targets. Their businesses will also become targets for vandalism and unexplained fires, just like what is happening in London and Israel where buildings are being burned to the ground. If the same happens in Uganda, only Museveni has himself to blame.

Recap of Walk-to-Work Demonstrations


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PHOTOS: 2011 Houston Texans Training Camp

Houston Texans - Photo by Joseph Ernest

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — The 2011 Houston Texans Training Camp kicked off at the beginning of August as football fans across America gear up for the football season. The Texans under the leadership of head coach Gary Kubiak still have many challenges as they move into the pre-season games, then the playoffs. With versatile players like Quarterback Matt Schaub and wide receiver Andre Johnson, the Texans will be put to the test between August 15, this year, to January 1, next year.

View Gallery>>


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Rick Perry explains why he should be elected president in 2012

Speeches that convinced observers that Perry would run:

Videography by Joseph Earnest

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas –Texas Governor Rick Perry made the big announcement about his intention to run for US president in 2012. A native Texan and conservative politician, Rick Perry is one of the most skilled politicians at running campaigns, and has never lost a race. He will be challenging Obama directly on every issue from the economy, to illegal immigration and healthcare. Perry says if elected he will make Washington inconsequential in our lives, something no other politician has been bold enough to say.

The above excerpts are clear indications that long before his announcement to run for the presidency, Rick Perry was faced with the tempatation of running. However, out of the desire to be fair and not breach the trust, this journalist decided not to release these speeches until after Perry made the announcement himself.

In regard to healthcare, Perry personally opposed Obama’s healthcare plan and encouraged the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to sue Obama’s administration for attempting to impose an unacceptable healthcare plan on Texans. The White House suffered a a setback on Ausgust 12, when the Appeals Court for the 11th Circuit, based in Atlanta,ruled that Barack Obama’s healthcare law requiring Americans to buy healthcare insurance or face a penalty was unconstitutional, and that Congress exceeded its authority by requiring the economic mandate.

Perry is also known for threatening to secede from the Union if the government tried to break the will of Texans. Perry has several bragging rights too. Texas today is the leading creator of jobs with Dallas-Fortworth as number one in the entire country and Houston, as the second highest job creator. Texas has been the nation’s job creation capital, creating more than half of America’s net jobs in the past two years alone and more private sector jobs in the last 10 years than any other state.

Perry has also balanced the Texas budget by prioritizing and reducing spending without raising taxes, and has preserved $6 billion dollars in the state’s Rainy Day Fund. According to data from the US State Department, that amount is more than the GDP of some third world countries.

Perry has demonstrated that he can grow the economy and create jobs without raising taxes. It wouldn’t be surprising to this journalist if Perry picked his friend Sarah Palin as his running-mate in 2012, if he were to succeed in winning the GOP nomination.


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How to find out if your mortgage loan was securitized by the banks

Securitized loans

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — I get asked a lot of questions regarding the securitization process, especially how a homeowner can find out if his or her loan was sold into a pool of assets on the secondary market.

The first step is writing a “Qualified Written Request” to your bank. By law they should respond to you or face severe penalties. I am not a lawyer, and this is not intended to be considered legal advice. Below is a sample Qualified Written Request for demostrative and educational purposes:

Your Address

Your Bank’s Address

Today’s date


This letter is a “Qualified Written Request” under the Federal Servicer
Act, which is a part of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, 12 U.S.C.
2605(e). This request is made on the above referenced account. Specifically, I
am requesting the following information:

1. A complete and itemized statement of the loan history from the date of the
loan to the date of this letter including, but not limited to, all receipts by way
of payment or otherwise and all charges to the loan in whatever form. This
history should include the date of each and every debit and credit to any
account related to this loan, the nature and purpose of each such debit and
credit, and the name and address of the payee of any type of disbursement
related to this account.

2. As the Servicer, provide(a) the name of the Noteholder– Who is its
Principal, and (b) a copy of an agreement with the Principal that authorizes
the Servicer to collect monthly payments on its behalf.

3. Have you purchased and charged to the account any Vendor’s Single
Interest Insurance?

4. A complete and itemized statement of any late charges to this loan from
the date of this loan to the date of this letter.

5. The amount, if applicable, of any “satisfaction fees.”

6. A complete and itemized statement from the date of the loan to the date of
this letter of any fees incurred to modify, extend, or amend the loan or to
defer any payment due under the terms of the loan.

7. A complete and itemized statement of the amount, payment date, purpose
and recipient of all fees for the preparation and filing of the original proof of
claim, any amended proofs of claim, or any supplemental proofs of claim
related to this mortgage.

8. The full name, address and phone number of the current holder of this
debt including the name, address and phone number of any Trustee or other
fiduciary. This request is being made pursuant to Section 1641(f)(2) of the
Truth In Lending Act, which requires the servicer to identify the holder of the

9. The name, address and phone number of any master servicers, servicers,
sub-servicers, contingency servicers, back-up servicers or special servicers
for the underlying mortgage debt.

10. Was the loan securitized? Please provide a copy of any mortgage Pooling
and Servicing Agreement and all Disclosure Statements provided to any
Investors with respect to any mortgage-backed security trust or other
special purpose vehicle related to the said Agreement and any and all
Amendments and Supplements thereto.

11. If a copy of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement has been filed with the
SEC, provide a copy of SEC Form 8k and the Prospectus Supplement, SEC
Form 424b5.

12. The name, address and phone number of any Trustee under any Pooling
or Servicing Agreement related to this loan.

13. A copy of the Prospectus offered to investors in the trust.
14.The name of the Trust on whose behalf the Trustee acts.

15. Copies of all servicing, master servicing, sub-servicing, contingency
servicing, special servicing, or back-up servicing agreements with respect to
this account.

16. All written loss-mitigation rules and work-out procedures related to any
defaults regarding this loan and similar loans.

17. The procedural manual used with respect to the servicing or
sub-servicing of this loan.

18. A summary of all fixed or standard legal fees approved for any form of
legal services rendered in connection with this account.

19. Is this loan subject to any Electronic Tracking Agreement? If the answer
is yes, then state the full name and address of the Electronic Agent and the
full name and address of the Mortgage Electronic Registration System.

20. Is the servicing of this loan provided pursuant to any type of mortgage
electronic registration system? If the answer is yes, then attach a copy of the
mortgage electronic registration system procedures manual.

21. Is this a MERS Designated Mortgage Loan? If the answer is yes, then
identify the electronic agent and the type of mortgage electronic system used
by the agent.

22. Is this mortgage part of a Mortgage Warehouse Loan? If so, then state
the full name and address of the Lender and attach a copy of the Warehouse
Loan Agreement.

23. Upon any default or notice of default, state whether or not the Mortgage
Warehouse Lender has the right to override any servicers or sub-servicers
and provide instructions directly to the Electronic Agent? If the answer is
yes, then specifically identify the legal basis for such authority.

24. Is this mortgage part of a Whole Loan Sale Agreement? If the answer is
yes, then state the name and address of the Purchaser, the Custodian, the
Trustee, the Electronic Agent and any Servicer or Sub-Servicers.

You should be advised that you must acknowledge receipt of this
qualified written request within 20 business days, pursuant to 12
U.S.C. Section 2605(e)(1)(A) and Reg. X Section 3500.21(e)(1).

You should also be advised that I will seek the recovery of damages, costs,
and reasonable legal fees for each failure to comply with the questions and
requests herein. I also reserve the right to seek statutory damages for each
violation of any part of Section 2605 of Title 12 of the United States Code.

*Also note that mortgage servicers are required to fully answer all these
questions within 60 days from the date they receive this letter in addition to
acknowledging receipt of your request in the first 20 days. During that time
they are forbidden to report late-pays to the bureaus as well.


Your Name and Date


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Soccer hooligans and anarchists join London riots for the thrill of it

London riots

Newscast Media LONDON, England — When Tottenham local man Mark Duggan was shot by police, a peaceful protest was held to protest the fatal shooting. Word spread across London that people were protesting the shooting. This gave anarchists and hooligans a chance to be part of the action, and on Saturday August 6, widespread vandalism, riots and thuggery engulfed the once peaceful London.

The riots spread to North London and as far South as Brixton and Croydon, but what is interesting about these riots is, residents of the cities in which the riots are occurring say the rioters are outsiders, who move into town and do damage to property, and also start a ruckus with police.

Below is a video of rioters in action:

The fast-moving rioters move from neighborhood-to-neighborhood looting stores, setting buildings ablaze and smashing cars parked on the streets. The British media initially misled the public into believing the rioters were exclusively black, by cropping photos and shooting tight video. However, the anarchists got mad because they weren’t getting any publicity. They actually told the news media that they were enraged because they were being ignored, and that the police hadn’t met their demands.

To solve the problem, they started looting stores knowing the media would not ignore them simply because they are white kids. Video footage and photographs were soon all over the Web because the soccer hooligans and anarchists took videos of themselves and posted them online. Most of them wear hoods as they continue to rampage across London. This should be a lesson for the media to be objective in coverage of such events, or else citizens will make their own videos and display that which the media is trying to hide from the public.

One thing about Londoners, is that nobody knows how to riot like Londoners. To them it is an event. The Brits invented rioting the day they invented soccer, and have so far out-witted the police, prompting David Cameron to add an additional 10,000 policemen on the streets. The police have confessed that they cannot predict or keep up with the rioters because they (the rioters) are using social media to coordinate these events. Remember, in London they don’t consider it rioting, it is an adrenaline-boosting event that participants (rioters) undertake.

Boudica Queen of Iceni:

Boudica commanding her army

On a recent trip to London, I took this photo of Boudica, Queen of Iceni. She started it all when she led her people in a revolt against the Romans in 61 AD. The British at the time were of the Brythonic-Celtic Iceni tribe. The uprising was so successful that emperor Nero considered withdrawing all Roman troops from Britain. A last minute tactic by the Romans gave them victory, but Boudica still is greatly revered for standing up to the Romans.

The Vikings:

The Viking army (the Danes) had previously invaded England and taken Northumbria, but between May 6 and 12, 871AD, they were defeated by King Alfred. However, the king allowed them to settle in East Anglia. They then integrated and became part of British society. Not only did the Vikings settle in England, so did the Saxons, who 400 years earlier settled in Kent.

England therefore has a heritage of Romans, Saxons, Vikings, and Normans as the earliest settlers. When you see riots in England happening and being treated as an event, these are people who draw from their ancestry known for creating uprisings against those in authority.


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Fake mortgage-backed securities prompt AIG to sue Bank of America

AIG sues Bank of America

Newscast Media NEW YORK, New York –Bank of America’s problems continue to grow ever since the financial giant purchased Countrywide and its assets. On June 29, BofA settled an $8.5 billion lawsuit with investors for selling them mortgage-backed securities that were never mortgage-backed. The Attorneys General for all 50 states opened investigations with the bank, and inside sources speaking on condition of anonymity say a settlement in the neighborhood of $25billion by Bank of America will soon be reached, in exchange for immunity from prosecution by individual states.

Bank of America also faces several class action lawsuits, and now has to deal with the most recent lawsuit by insurer AIG seeking to recover more than $10billion in losses from Bank of America on $28 billion of investments, in what could be the largest mortgage-security-related action filed by a single investor, the report said. The AIG lawsuit is American International Group Inc et al v. Bank of America Corp et al, New York State Supreme Court, New York County No. 652199/2011.

Here’s how it works:

The homeowner expects to be a “Borrower” receiving a “Loan” from the bank. The bank then sells the loan to a Special Purpose Vehicle (a shell company) and gets paid in full without recourse, and also gets a commission as a finder’s fee, but the bank never funded the loan. The homeowner was tricked into believing the bank funded the loan, when the bank was just paid for finding a homeowner willing to sell the debt obligation. The bank’s commission was also for the bank to allow its name to be on the instrument, and often to act as Servicer to get monthly fees.

The homeowner was never told truth about who funded the transaction, because a Deed of Trust would not normally be allowed for a Financial Asset purchased by a Securitization Trust (a Security covered by security laws), or a Commercial Paper which is covered by the Uniform Commercial Code Division (UCC) 8, whereas Securitized Transactions with a Deed of Trust are covered under UCC 9.

The “Lender” named on the instrument did not fund the transaction, and therefore was not really the “Lender” at all. They acted only as a “Nominal Lender”, named on the debt instrument only to facilitate the creation of a Deed of Trust or Mortgage to secure the debt obligation as an alleged “Loan”, when it was not a “Loan”, but rather the receptacle for an Asset-Backed Investment Security. The “Pretender Lender” was paid in full, plus a commission, and lost interest in the debt obligation.

Also, the Deed of Trust or Mortgage can’t secure an Asset-Backed Investment Security, and homeowners were tricked into thinking they were “Borrowers” of “Loans”,when they were actually SELLERS of a debt instrument to a Securitization Special Purpose Vehicle. An invalid Deed of Trust or Mortgage, was fraudulently procured under the guise of a “Loan”, when it wasn’t a Loan, but rather the “Purchase of a Note” into an Asset-Backed Investment Security.

The investor on the other hand, who put up the money was never told that the mortgage-backed security was never mortgage backed because the majority of them do not make it into the trust, as they are resold over and over again. The pretender-lender holds on to the Note and in most cases never delivers it into the
trust as admitted by Countrywide representative in Kemp v. Countrywide, Case No. 08-18700-JHW.

None of this is revealed to the homeowner or investors at closing, hence the fraud lawsuits that are being filed. Insurers like AIG were taken for a ride, because most of these mortgage-backed securities that they insured never became assets of the trusts. The trusts were either empty or had bad mortgages.

The Pooling and Servicing Agreement, the document that governs the trust Section 2.01(a) states:

(a)“Each Seller concurrently with the execution and delivery hereof, hereby sells, transfers, assigns, sets over and otherwise conveys to the Depositor, without recourse, all its respective right, title and interest in and to the related Mortgage Loans…”

The Depositor then assigns the mortgage to the Trustee who deposits it into the trust for the benefit of the Certificateholders. If the mortgage is either a non-qualified mortgage delivered into a trust, or is simply not delivered into the trust, these defects can never be cured because when a mortgage is securitized the act is irreversible. You cannot unscramble the eggs.


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Part II: What parents, teachers and kids can do to prevent bullying

The Bystander Effect

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — There is a general myth that bullying usually occurs when there are no other students around. Students see about four out of every five bullying incidents at school. In fact, when they witness bullying, they give the student who is bullying positive attention or even join in about three-quarters of the time.

Although 9 out of 10 students say there is bullying in their schools, adults rarely see bullying, even if they are looking for it. The phenomenon of bystanders not intervening when it is obvious that someone needs help is what is referred to in Social Psychology as the Bystander Effect or Diffusion of Responsibility.

The video below demonstrates the Bystander Effect.

For parents there are several practical steps to tackle this issue. The first step is to talk with your children. Do not just ignore the bullying problem or hope it will go away. Tell your child that you are concerned and that you’d like to help.

Empathize with your child. Tell him or her that bullying is wrong, that it is not their fault, and that you are glad he or she had the courage to tell you about it. Do not assume that your child did something to provoke the bullying. For instance, do not ask things like, “What did you do to aggravate the other child?”

Document the incident(s). Work with your children to record bullying incidents. Write down what happened, where, who was involved, and when it occurred. Find out how your child reacted and how the students bullying, bystanders, and adults responded.

Contact law enforcement. Police can respond if the aggressive behavior is criminal. The following may constitute a crime:

· Threats of violence

· Taking a photo image of someone in a place where he or she would expect privacy

· Harassment, stalking, or hate crimes

· Obscene or harassing phone calls or text messages

· Extortion

Be Persistent. Talk regularly with your child to see whether the bullying has stopped. If the bullying persists or escalates, contact the appropriate people again and or talk with an attorney. Don’t just threaten to sue, follow through with a lawsuit and include the bully’s parents in the lawsuit to hold them responsible for their child’s acts of bullying.

The National Crime Prevention Center says the best strategy when crime is involved is to hold the parents responsible for the child’s actions because such parents are more likely to reinforce appropriate behavior in the youth.

What teachers can do:

Investigate reports of bullying immediately. If bullying occurs on-campus or through the school district’s internet system, you are obligated to take action. If the physical bullying or cyberbullying occurs off-campus, you can still help. Remember even bullying that happens off-campus can affect how students behave and relate to each other at school.

· Closely monitor the behavior of the students involved at school for all forms of bullying.

· Investigate to see if those who are physically bullied need support from a school counselor or school-based health professional.

· Notify parents of students involved in bullying.

· Talk with all students about the negative effects of bullying.

· Notify the police if the aggressive behavior is criminal.

What kids, teens and young adults can do:

· Talk with someone you trust. Talking to someone could help you figure out the best ways to deal with the problem. Reach out to a family member, friend or another adult that you trust.

· Report the incident to your school. They may be able to help you resolve the bullying and be watchful for face-to-face bullying.

· Ask for help. Sometimes, talking to a counselor or health professional can help you get through the emotional effects of bullying.

How much do you really know about bullying? Facts and Myths

FACT: People who bully have power over those they bully.

People who bully others usually pick on those who have less social power (peer status), psychological power (know how to harm others), or physical power (size, strength). However, some people who bully also have been bullied by others. People who both bully and are bullied by others are at the highest risk for problems (such as depression and anxiety) and are more likely to become involved in risky or delinquent behavior.

MYTH: Only boys bully.

People think that physical bullying by boys is the most common form of bullying. However, verbal, social, and physical bullying happens among both boys and girls, especially as they grow older.

MYTH: People who bully are insecure and have low self-esteem.

Many people who bully are popular and have average or better-than-average self-esteem. They often take pride in their aggressive behavior and control over the people they bully. People who bully may be part of a group that thinks bullying is okay. Some people who bully may also have poor social skills and experience anxiety or depression. For them, bullying can be a way to gain social status.


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Deadline for IRS amnesty off-shore bank accounts fast approaching

IRS tax forms

Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas — Set to expire on August 31, 2011, with no hint of another such program to come, the second IRS amnesty program -rumored to be the last is just around the corner. The strict requirements of the Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) must be adhered to by Americans with offshore accounts since foreign financial institutions may not be subject to the same reporting requirements as domestic financial institutions.

Navigating the complex waters of offshore account reporting can be overwhelming. Mistakes are costly if taxpayers don’t know how to report correctly.

“FBAR compliance is a serious matter, and global banks are getting more pressure than ever to disclose U.S. accounts, so this is the time to get these matters settled – but do this with help from experts.” advises Michael Rozbruch, founder and CEO of Tax Resolution Services, Co. (TRS).

“Consumers can’t afford to not take advantage of the second amnesty program offered by the IRS. Having expert tax professionals on your side is a small investment that can make a big difference financially, emotionally and legally.”

Government investigators use FBARs to help identify or trace funds used for illicit purposes or to identify unreported income maintained or generated abroad. They have offered an amnesty deadline to allow consumers to come forward and settle their tax troubles once and for all. Tax relief professionals encourage consumers to report and settle taxes due. The August 31 deadline is not only to file the initial application to the program but also to submit the complete civil package that includes the amended income tax returns and delinquent FBARs.

The amnesty program can be overwhelming and should not be tackled alone. Before approaching the IRS solo, those consumers looking to take advantage of the IRS amnesty program would do well to consult a certified tax resolution specialist or an FBAR or offshore tax attorney for advice and representation.


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More Generation-X women choosing careers over kids

Gen-X women choosing careers over kids

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — A growing number of Gen-Xers are choosing to pursue their careers over having children, a study shows. Generation-X women are those between the ages of 33 and 46, most of whom choose to be childless or childfree because motherhood is viewed as an impediment to their success in the corporate world.

According to a new study by the New York-based think tank the Center for Work-Life Policy, 43 percent of college-educated women between the ages of 33 and 46 are childless,” the New York Times reports.

The article continues with Kim Crundall, 44, a nutritionist from St. Albans who set up a business, Balance Nutrition, in 2004.

“I’m part of the first generation of women where there actually wasn’t that much pressure put on us to have children. My parents were far more interested in me getting a career rather than anything else.”

The article explains that women born in Generation X had mothers who wanted their daughters to aim high, inspired by the feminist revolution and the possibility of entering previously male-only professions.

Ms. Fryer, a 44-year-old documentary film maker, recalls the abortion she had when she was 25 and not ready to be a mother.

“I put off having children for many years so that I could pursue my career goals. Now that I am ready to have children — I’ve found the man I love and gotten my career to a point where I could take time off to raise kids — my body isn’t cooperating. I am struggling with infertility and have had multiple miscarriages. My childbearing years have come to a close, I am afraid.”

The New York Post has yet an interesting take in regard to women in New York.
“You don’t move to New York when you’re 23 years old with $500 in your suitcase because you want to live in the suburbs, meet a nice guy and have two kids,” says Maureen Taran, a 41-year-old creative executive at a cable network.

“Tamsen Fadal, 40, is one of a growing number of NYC women — who include TV host Rachael Ray — who are prioritizing their fabulous lifestyles over having kids. Cameron Diaz is not interested in the mommy track, either.”

But while childless women may be “invisible,” childless celebrities are increasingly out and proud. Cameron Diaz has remarked that “having children changes your life drastically, and I really love my life.”

When asked in a “60 Minutes” interview if she ever regretted not having children, Helen Mirren replied, “No. Absolutely not. I am so happy that I didn’t have children. Because I’ve had freedom.”

Other women find themselves hashing it out with significant others who may want children more than they do, like “Lisa,” a 27-year-old in Williamsburg. Her boyfriend of 5½ years is “hoping I’m going to change my mind,” she says, although “I’m pretty sure I never want them. Motherhood is utterly at odds with everything I want from life.”

Others are steering clear of having kids precisely so they can maintain balance and equality within their marriage.

“I don’t really see the appeal,” says “Susan,” a 30-year-old Williamsburg resident who’s been married for five years. “I think kids are a lot of work and a huge investment in time and money that I’m not sure it’s worth it for me to make. And despite roles changing somewhat, I think for the most part, the woman ends up taking on the bulk of that work, even if that’s not what was initially decided within the couple.”

In this BBC article about the same subject sociologist Dr. Catherine Hakim, of the London School of Economics, who has studied voluntary childlessness in the UK and Europe for many years says this is a new social phenomenon, with women now open and positive about such a lifestyle choice.

“An early study in Canada years ago found roughly half of all the women who were childless in their 40s actually chose to be that way from a very early age.

“But very many of them didn’t say so because of the social pressure they would get if they mentioned a preference for staying childless.

USA Today puts a different spin on it explaining that childless women earn $27,000 more than their male counterparts in 39 of the 50 biggest cities and match them in another eight. The disparity is greatest in Atlanta, where young, childless single women earn 21 percent more than male counterparts.

Speaking to the UK Daily Mail, Toni Vernelli took things a step further and sterilized herself at 27, to reduce her carbon footprint.

“Having children is selfish. It’s all about maintaining your genetic line at the expense of the planet,” says Toni, 35.

“Every person who is born uses more food, more water, more land, more fossil fuels, more trees and produces more rubbish, more pollution, more greenhouse gases, and adds to the problem of over-population.”

Toni got pregnant at 25, and aborted the child because according to her, it would have been “immoral to give birth to a child that I felt strongly would only be a burden to the world.”

“I realized then that a baby would pollute the planet – and that never having a child was the most environmentally friendly thing I could do.” The entire interview can be read here.


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Part I: Bullying – Signs that someone is a bully or is being bullied

Bullying: Bullies and the Bullied

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas –Bullying has sparked recent public health and media attention and is defined as physical or psychological aggression repeatedly directed toward another student who is perceived by the aggressor as weaker and less powerful than himself or herself. Systematic international research has shown school bullying to be a frequent and serious public health problem. But psychologists are using this research to develop bullying prevention programs that are being implemented in schools around the world.

In his 1993 book, Bullying at school: What we know and what we can do, Dr. Olweus identifies characteristics of students who are most likely to be bullies and those that are most likely to be victims of bullying. Bullies tend to exhibit the following characteristics:

*They have a strong need to dominate and subdue other students and to get their own way.

*Are impulsive and are easily angered.

*Are often defiant and aggressive toward adults, including parents and teachers.

*Show little empathy toward students who are victimized.

*If they are boys, they are physically stronger than boys in general.

The typical passive or submissive victims, according to Olweus’ research, generally have some of the following characteristics:

*Are cautious, sensitive, quiet, withdrawn and shy.

*Are often anxious, insecure, unhappy and have low self-esteem.

*Are depressed and engage in suicidal ideation much more often than their peers.

*Often do not have a single good friend and relate better to adults than to peers.

*If they are boys, they may be physically weaker than their peers.

The U.S Department of Health has also come out with a list of warning signs for parents and educators to look for. There are many warning signs that could indicate that someone is involved in bullying, either by bullying others or by being bullied. However, these warning signs may indicate other issues or problems, as well.

Signs of being bullied
· Comes home with damaged or missing clothing or other belongings

· Reports losing items such as books, electronics, clothing, or jewelry

· Has unexplained injuries

· Complains frequently of headaches, stomachaches, or feeling sick

· Has trouble sleeping or has frequent bad dreams

· Has changes in eating habits

· Hurts themselves

· Are very hungry after school from not eating their lunch

· Runs away from home

· Loses interest in visiting or talking with friends

· Is afraid of going to school or other activities with peers

· Loses interest in school work or begins to do poorly in school

· Appears sad, moody, angry, anxious or depressed when they come home

· Talks about suicide

· Feels helpless

· Often feels like they are not good enough

· Blames themselves for their problems

· Suddenly has fewer friends

· Avoids certain places

· Acts differently than usual

Sign that someone is bullying others

· Becomes violent with others

· Gets into physical or verbal fights with others

· Gets sent to the principal’s office or detention a lot

· Has extra money or new belongings that cannot be explained

· Is quick to blame others

· Will not accept responsibility for their actions

· Has friends who bully others

· Needs to win or be best at everything

A study from the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine conducted research on 1,491 participants between 18 – 24 years of age. Over 25 percent were exposed to intimate-partner violence (IPV), while 43.6 percent experienced physical child abuse, and 20.5 percent experienced sexual child abuse. Frequent exposure to community violence was reported by 14.1percent of the sample; over half the sample reported occasional exposure to community violence (56.1 percent).

The research suggests that individuals who are likely to perpetrate abusive behaviors against others may do so across childhood and into adulthood. Furthermore, these abusive behaviors—bullying peers in school and perpetrating violence against an intimate partner—may co-occur within individuals.


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