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PART IV – Male and female relationship dynamics (final cut)

Social dynamics in relationships

Newscst Media — This is the last installment of the male-female relationship series that I have written about in the past week. It is in response to the e-mails I have received asking me to elaborate a little more on some of the areas I mentioned, that I seemed to gloss over. One of the areas I was asked to shed some more light on has to do with qualities that attract men and women to each other.

Eye candy

Men are attracted to women based on certain physical qualities such as the eyes, the smoothness of the skin, and the waist-to-hip ratio. All these qualities symbolize fertility. In regard to the eyes, women understand very well that eyes play a major factor in attracting men, that’s why they wear makeup such as eyeliner, mascara and eye-shadow to enhance their eyes. A low waist-to-hip ratio in which the waist is narrower than the hips is also preferable to men.

Women consider certain physical qualities when choosing a mate, the most important one being facial symmetry. Men who are proportional tend to find it easier to attract women than men who are asymmetrical. Society also emphasizes the importance of looks, and rewards people (men and women) for their good looks.

Studies have shown that attractive people are paid more money at work than average-looking people. Over their lifetime, handsome men make $250,000 more than average-looking men doing the same job. Beautiful people are also stereotyped as being intelligent, honest and helpful, while unattractive people are viewed as rude and unfair. Infants also stare longer at beautiful faces than they do unattractive faces. When it comes to the legal world, juries tend to find attractive witnesses more credible, and are also lenient toward attractive defendants.

A study done by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, and published by CNN Money supports the above-mentioned observation, finding that beautiful people tend to earn 5 percent more an hour than their less attractive colleagues.

Across the pond, in England, the UK Independent published yet another study confirming the reality that people with good looks make more money and tend to be more successful.

Work strategist Catherine Kaputa said, “Good looks have what social scientists call the halo effect. Because someone is attractive, we assign many other positive attributes to him or her that have nothing to do with looks.”

She also gives people a five-point plan for salvaging their looks and achieving success in this article.

Even though younger women tend to consider physical attraction a factor in choosing a mate, older women tend to seek stability and security in men.

Cause and effect

In pursuing relationships, the most fulfilling ones are those with people who are authentic. Authentic people are extremely hard to come across, because most people wear masks and put their best foot forward. Others have a sense of self-importance to them that is pretentious. When one is around someone authentic, one doesn’t have to second-guess that person. An authentic person genuinely enjoys being around other people and makes them feel relaxed. One does not have to be defensive around someone authentic, because an authentic person genuinely cares and has a passion for other people.

People who lead authentic lives have a certain aura around them. Some might refer to it as positive energy. My generation would refer to it as a “good vibe.” The word vibe is short for vibration. The human body has a magnetic field, or a field of energy around it, and its particles are in constant vibration. That explains why a dog can easily sense when a person is scared of it, the reason being, the field of energy around that person is in disarray. There are people who can make one feel uneasy because those people have what would be referred to as a “negative vibe” in other words, they emit negative energy, while others can make one feel comfortable because they emit positive vibes. Women, especially mothers, are particularly good at picking up on these vibes. It is not unusual to hear a woman say, “I walked into such and such a building and immediately felt such and such a vibe.”

Life is governed by certain laws, for example, the law of cause and effect states that if in our experience, one event always precedes the occurrence of another event, we tend to believe that the former is the cause of the latter. Such as, when we see lightning, we consequently think of thunder. The law of promotion states that you can only be promoted by someone whose instructions you follow. Likewise, the law of attraction states, you attract who you are. As such, only authentic people can attract other authentic people in their lives. It is important for one to work on being authentic, before one can expect to enjoy authentic friendships or relationships.

Men do the picking women do the choosing

I can’t stress enough how important it is for a man to let the woman choose him. Even though a man picks a woman he is attracted to, ultimately it is the woman who chooses if she will let him into her world. I mentioned earlier that alpha males never hit on women and always wait for a woman to give the green light or indicators of interest. Alphas understand something that beta males don’t understand. When an alpha spots a woman he is attracted to, he usually looks for cues or signs before he makes his approach. All he needs is a hint from her, thereafter he approaches, makes his presentation, then leaves. Alphas aren’t clingy or needy. After making their presentation, alpha males know that the ball is now in the woman’s court.

Some men just don’t get this. They might pressure or pester a woman for a date, and indeed, she might go out on a date because she feels pressured, but rarely will he hear from her again. However, when a woman chooses a man, she makes it easy for him to have access to her. He doesn’t have to impress her with expensive gifts or take her to fancy restaurants to get her attention.

When a woman chooses a man, even a picnic at the park is enough to make her happy. She’s unimpressed with a man’s accomplishments or possessions. She’s more interested in being in his presence and getting to know him on a substantive level. A woman who chooses a man is extremely loyal to him, while a woman who has been pressured into a relationship by a man, will constantly flake on him.

When a woman chooses a man, it is almost impossible for her to break up with him because she is emotionally invested into the relationship. As I mentioned earlier, women screen men before letting them into their lives. That’s the reason why women tend to involve their friends to assist them in the screening process of men.

The reality principle

It is also important to understand the culture from which a woman comes, because different women from different cultures respond differently. What a woman says she wants, is different from what she responds to. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity of living on three continents at various points in my life, so I was able to learn about women from different cultures. The way you approach a woman from Africa is different from the way you approach a woman from Europe or Asia or America. It is the reason I emphasize on allowing the women to choose you because the reality is that in some cultures, women tend to be more reserved, so it takes a while for them to warm up to someone new.

In America, it is totally different. The women are naturally social and outgoing. In the UK it is considered rude to engage someone in a conversation, when you do not know that person. For example, if someone is minding his or her own business on a train or at an airport, the cultural norm is to leave that person alone. That doesn’t happen in America. It is the only place in the world where you do not have to know someone’s name and can be a total stranger, and have a one hour conversation with another total stranger, and observers would think the two individuals had known each other their whole lives. It happens everywhere in airports, sporting events or other community and social events. It’s no big deal in America when a stranger taps another stranger on the shoulder and asks, “Who won the big game last night.” That question alone can lead to various threads of conversation.

In Texas, especially, people are very conversational. Texas is a whole different country, that’s why people from Texas consider themselves Texans first, then Americans second. Texas is one of the best places for anyone to develop conversational or social skills, because the social dynamics are conducive for that.

Maintenance program

I happen to have five sisters, and having five sisters is like being raised by six mothers. Having that many women around afforded me the ability to study women in different settings.

The greatest satisfaction reported in relationships comes from those in which the women were low maintenance. Letting a woman do the choosing eliminates a man’s need to out-do himself, because the woman accepts him with or without the finer things in life. Stay away from high maintenance women, you’ll never know why they are in a relationship with you, and will spend the entire relationship asking yourself the question, “What if…?”

One of the readers of my articles wanted to know if I could make my research available, however, throughout my years in college, I did over 50 different kinds of research and it would be too much for the reader to absorb. I will, however, make available an original rough draft of one of my pieces of research, that even has my college professor’s critique. Before delving into a full-blown research study with 100 pages, students were required to submit a rough draft to the professor. This rough draft also constituted 25 percent of the final grade. It gave the college professor a peek into the topic being researched.

My Psych professors always critiqued me for my formatting, because I was also double-majoring in Journalism, and both vocations have different writing styles. In Psychology I constantly had to remind myself to write like a Scientist, then in my Journalism classes, I had to de-program and then re-program myself to write like a Journalist.

You may read or download this five-page rough draft of one of my many research studies that has my professor’s critique in purple ink, and my corrections in green ink right here.

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Bank of America settles multi-billion dollar mortgage lawsuit

Bank of America

Newscast Media NEW YORK — After battling allegations it sold bogus mortgage-backed securities to investors, Bank of America and its Countrywide unit have agreed to pay $8.5 billion to settle claims that the lenders sold poor-quality mortgage-backed securities that went sour when the housing market collapsed. The deal, announced Wednesday, comes after a group of 22 investors demanded that the Charlotte, N.C. bank repurchase $47 billion in mortgages that its Countrywide unit sold to them in the form of bonds.

The group, which includes the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Pimco Investment Management, and Blackrock Financial Management, argued that Countrywide enriched itself at the expense of investors by continuing to service bad loans while running up servicing fees.

Bank of America, which bought Countrywide in 2008 for $4 billion, has denied those claims.
Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan said Wednesday that the settlement would minimize “future economic uncertainty” in the banking business and “clean up the mortgage issues largely stemming from our purchase of Countrywide.”

For several months, Bank of America battled claims based on estimates “that were much different from ours,” Moynihan said. But at this point, it made more sense to settle than to keep fighting, he said.
“We have said consistently if people are reasonable and can get to a reasonable assessment of their claims and it’s in the best interest of shareholders, we will settle,” Moynihan told Wall Street analysts in a conference call.

The settlement is subject to court approval and covers 530 trusts with original principal balance of $424 billion.

Citi analyst Keith Horowitz said the settlement, which amounts to only 2 percent of the original principal balance, removes one of the largest investor risks for Bank of America.
“We think this could prove to be a step forward” for Bank of America, Horowitz said. It would show investors that the bank can manage through crisis without raising additional capital.

As a result of the settlement, Bank of America put its second-quarter loss at $8.6 billion to $9.1 billion. Excluding the settlement and other charges, the bank expects to post a quarterly loss of $3.2 billion to $3.7 billion.


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FOX’s Juan Williams warns Obama about pushing gay agenda

Juan Williams and Barack Obama

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas –Barack Obama’s push for gay marriage has Fox News contributor Juan Williams worried about its ramifications on one of President Barack Obama’s major constituencies, the black community. He explained why this issue is where the black community and the White House differ from each other.

“In the black community, people just can’t understand Obama on this issue because there just is not the strength of support for any form of gay union, gay marriage, civil [unions],” Williams said. “That’s what happened in California if you recall in terms of that referendum that sunk this effort in California. I don’t think the black community is going to walk away from President Obama on this but it is a fascinating dynamic to sit down with black ministers, black social leaders and talk about this. I mean they are back in the ‘50s on this subject.”

In the community Williams explained that same-sex marriage is a threat to the black family according to some.

“To me, you know I think very threatening and socially upsetting to people – the black family is just in bad shape right now anyway,” Williams said. “But the idea that you are giving the imprimatur of the church and of the society to two men marrying just doesn’t make sense to a lot of people who are not technically your people – the conservatives.”

However, Williams and the rest of the black community were fore-warned by Obama himself that he would be pushing the gay agenda. Obama even went as far as publishing his entire agenda and made this written promise to the gays.

Obama knows that 95 percent of black people will still vote for him regardless of how much he ignores the Black community, and instead cater to other communities. Obama has made no effort to bring down the rising unemployment numbers among Blacks despite receiving 95 percent of the Black vote.

Bush was accused of hating black people, an accusation that is unfounded and ludicrous, and if you look at Bush’s unemployment numbers compared to Obama’s, there is a huge gap. Bush also gave more money to Africa and third world countries to fight HIV/AIDS than any other president.

In May 2010, the Black Unemployment rate under Obama was 15.5 percent, a year later in May 2011, the number is now at 16.2 percent. Under Bush during the same period in his first term, the number was at 10.9 percent, as shown here in this data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Kirsten Powers, also a FOX News contributor and columnist for the New York Post, advised gay marriage proponents not to compare same-sex marriage to civil rights.

“But it’s also offensive to a lot of people in the black community,” Powers said. “It pushes them away to compare this situation to what black people had gone through in this country, you know – to compare it to segregation and lynching and things like that. I think it’s a bad message for the gay community to be using.”


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Truck driver’s wife begs for miracle to rescue husband and gets one

Danous Estenor (photo courtesy of University of South Florida)

by Rob Kerby

Newscast Media TAMPA, Fla –In the parking lot of the Bull’s Den Cafe near the University of South Florida, tow truck driver Pedro Arzola, 34, was pinned under the right front tire of a 1990 Cadillac Seville owned by Chris Merrick, a cook at the restaurant.

When preparing to tow the broken-down vehicle to a repair shop, Arzola remembers in a bit of a blur that the car somehow lurched forward, knocking him down. It dragged him about 10 feet, one tire pinning his chest.

His wife, Maria Uribe, was napping in the cab of her husband’s truck when it lurched and she suddenly heard shouting.

It was “like a horror movie,” she told the Tampa Times. She leaped out and futilely began trying to help Merrick and dishwasher Marcus Baker lift the car off of her husband. She screamed for help. They couldn’t lift the 3,500-pound Cadillac.

Maria says she called out to God for what “in Spanish, we say, ‘milagro.’” A miracle. She desperately needed a miracle. “There was a lot of blood,” Maria told the Times.

College student Danous Estenor pulled into the restaurant parking lot. He was hungry, he remembers, but for some unknown had an extra urgency that evening to go to the cafe. He shrugs, unable to explain it.
In the parking lot, the communications major heard Maria screaming for help.

“I could just see his legs,” remembers Estenor, 21, the son of immigrants from Haiti. “The car is crushing him. He’s not moving. I’m thinking, ‘Oh, God, this guy is going to die.’”

“I saw a lady trying to lift a car all by herself,” he told a reporter at the Palm Beach Post. “I walked to the side where she was and saw a gentleman’s legs sticking out on the ground. His legs weren’t moving so I didn’t know how long he had been under the car or if he was still alive. I tried to lift the car in the middle, near the doors, but I couldn’t get it. So I backed up for a second and went toward the back of the car, by the back tire, where the jack goes.”

“I tried to lift the car,” remembers the 6-foot-3, 295-pound student who works out with the University of South Florida football team. ”When I first tried, it didn’t budge.”

So, he said a little prayer. He’s big, but not enormous. He hopes to compete for a starting spot next fall as a red-shirted junior.

“I backed up,” he says. “I don’t know. But I felt this energy come.”

He took a deep breath. “That’s when I felt extra strength, and I went to try to lift again. This time I lifted the car up, and the next thing you know the gentlemen is out, on his hands and knees, breathing heavily. Maybe somebody helped him out. I don’t know. I was just concentrating on trying to get the car up as high as I could.”

Arzola suffered a dislocated shoulder and other minor injuries. He recovered fully and was able to return to work two weeks later. Maria says Estenor is an angel.

He grins at the idea. He says he began shaking afterwards, disbelieving he’d been able to do what he’d just done.

“The shock of doing that …” he told the Sporting News magazine. “It’s not an everyday thing you do.”
The incident might have gone unnoticed except for a letter that the manager of the café wrote to USF Coach Skip Holtz.

“I wanted to let you know that Danous is a real hero,” read the letter. “I know in my heart that without Danous there, the driver may not have survived. His quick thinking, willingness to help and strength saved that man’s life.”

“What a phenomenal story,” Holtz told the Times. “Not all of us can lift a car. And Danous just walked away? I can totally see that. Just humble, quiet, keeps to himself.”

Holtz read the letter to the team, embarrassing the sophomore.

“Ever since Coach Holtz read the letter, they all say, ‘Oh, where’s your cape?’ ” says Estenor. “It’s not bad. They’re just making fun.”

“I always feel good when I do a good deed, to help somebody any kind of way. Small or big, as long as I can make a difference, I feel good about it.”

“I still remember him,” marvels dishwasher Baker. “I don’t think we would have gotten (the car) up if it wasn’t for him. It’s like it was meant to happen. Every time I see him, I’m like, ‘How did you pick up a car?’”

Maria knows. She asked for a milagro for her husband, And God sent Danous Estenor.


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S.Africa’s Zuma and AU panel meet to discuss Gaddafi’s future

S.Africa's Jacob Zuma (right) engages Uganda's Yoweri Museveni across the table on Sunday June 26, in a closed-door meeting in Pretoria, South Africa

Newscast Media PRETORIA, South Africa — South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma met with the leaders of Mauritania, Uganda and Mali as well as Congo-Brazzaville’s foreign minister, to find ways of pushing forward an AU “roadmap” for Libya. The meeting was held in South African capital, Pretoria, on Sunday June 26, aimed at ending hostilities in battle-ravaged Libya.

The meeting included Presidents Amadou Toumani Toure of Mali and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, as well as Congo foreign minister Basile Ikouebe.

Zuma urged both Gaddafi and the rebel National Transitional Council to make compromises to reach a deal in the face of a conflict that was degenerating into a protracted and bloody deadlock.

“On the ground, there is a military stalemate which cannot and must not be allowed to drag on and on — both because of its horrendous cost in civilian lives and the potential it has to destabilize the entire sub-region,” he told fellow panel members.

“The solution in Libya has to be political and lies in the hands of the Libyan people,” Zuma told the closed-door meeting.

Zuma also warned NATO about exceeding its powers outlined in the resolution.

“The continuing bombing by Nato and its allies is a concern that has been raised by our committee and by the AU Assembly, because the intention of Resolution 1973 was to protect the Libyan people and facilitate the humanitarian effort,” Zuma said, referring to an African Union peace mission on Libya.

“The intention was not to authorize a campaign for regime change or political assassination,” he said.
“On the ground, there is a military stalemate which cannot and must not be allowed to drag on and on — both because of its horrendous cost in civilian lives and the potential it has to destabilize the entire sub-region,” Zuma said.

However, even though Zuma talks against political assassination, intelligence shows that if America, France and Britain wanted to assassinate Gaddafi, they would have done it already. All Gaddafi’s movements are being monitored. All his footsteps are being tracked in real time. He is unaware that even when eats food or changes clothes, the Americans, French and British have him under a microscope and are watching him. Gaddafi is being tracked by the use of Nimrod plane and drones, the HMS Liverpool, which is stationed off the Libyan coast, has listening systems which enable the military to keep watch on the Libyan leader and his entourage.

The only reason Gaddafi is still alive is because the terms of the resolution do not call for his assassination. The British confirm these intelligence reports and have acknowledged in this article, in the Guardian newspaper, that Gaddafi is indeed being tracked.

Any talks by the AU are now immaterial because the ICC is poised to issue arrest warrants for Gaddafi and his inner circle.

Gaddafi’s fall will precipitate the end of dictatorships in Africa

Obama is applying a double strategy of completely weakening Libya, then eventually obliterating Gaddafi and family, that way the next rulerr will run a country that is utterly weakened, and will be comparable to a toothless and clawless tiger unable to defend itself or attack others. This vulnerability will be a constant reminder to any other emerging or pre-existing dictatorships, that what happened to the Kingpin, could also happen to them.

The rationale is that since Gaddafi is Africa’s most prominent dictator, once he is removed from power, all other dictators will be on alert that the same fate could befall them. Obama traces his roots back to the Luo tribe, who eventually migrated into Kenya and assimilated with the population. Kenyan, Ugandan and Sudanese Luo all share the same bloodline. When southern Sudan achieved independence from the North, it was no mistake that it happened during Obama’s administration. Obama understands that his fellow tribesmen have been oppressed people for decades. To ensure that the dictatorships in sub-Saharan Africa crumble, the strategy is to decimate the strongest of the dictators, that’s why the King of Kings has to be removed.

Back home, Obama has faced opposition in Washington for waging war without seeking permission of Congress. Ohio Democrat representative, Dennis Kucinich, said, “The war in Libya is illegal, unconstitutional and unwarranted. It must end.”

On June 24, The House voted against giving the president the authority to continue the war in Libya by a vote of 295-123, with 70 Democrats voting against the war. However, Obama has argued, he did not need to seek Congressional approval before authorizing US forces to play a part in the NATO campaign.

This so-called opposition of Washington against the war in Libya is simply a staged event. They pretend to be against the war and even accused Obama of being in violation of the War Powers Act, but the truth is, they too want to see Gaddafi removed from power. The proof is, while they voted against the war, they turned around and voted to fund the war in Libya, which nullifies their opposition of the war. By a vote of 238-180 the House supported continued funding of the war in Libya.

In essence, the House has refused to authorize the president’s war with Libya. At the same time, however, the House has agreed to fund it. The reason is very simple. Americans understand that in war there is a saying, “The enemy you don’t destroy, will eventually destroy you.”


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The next president should avoid excelling in one area at the expense of others

Who will the next president be?

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas –The 2012 presidential race is beginning to shape up with several candidates on the GOP side in the ring. The two prominent names that are missing so far are Rick Perry and Sarah Palin. Even though it is highly unlikely that Palin will run, it is more than likely that Texas Gov. Rick Perry will run. He however, is in danger of making the same mistake that Fred Thompson made, who waited a little too long before announcing his candidacy.

When George W. Bush was president, he was accused of focusing too much on fighting terrorism and expanding government. It was toward the end of Bush’s administration that the housing market collapsed, triggering the multi-billion bailouts for the banksters. Barack Obama did not learn from Bush’s mistakes of excelling in area the expense of others, and continued to grow big government and the increase the deficit, while ignoring the small business sector, which is the lifeblood of the American economy.

We can learn from history how individuals single-handedly changed their generations such that their impact is still being felt today. After experiencing the Dark Ages, Crusades and Bubonic plague, western civilization was not crippled by these setbacks, rather, the result was a burst of knowledge that the West had never experienced before. In the Renaissance, pioneers excelled in applying their God-given abilities in the Arts, Sciences, Music, Literature, Religion and Architecture, to usher in an era that would forever transform our world.

During the Renaissance, three figures dominated the visual arts and these were: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael. In his book Lives Of The Artists, Giorgio Vasari, an artist and biographer, cautioned the revolutionaries of his day to be “Well-balanced and not excel in one area at the expense of another.” If one looks at the work of Michelangelo, it is easy to determine that he excelled in the male nude, yet when you look at his female figures, they lack grace and beauty because Michelangelo had focused his energy on perfecting drawings, sculptures and paintings of the male body.

When Pope Julius II commissioned him to paint the fresco of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo showed the world once and for all that he had mastered and absorbed classical antiquity, and upon unveiling the ceiling, his contemporaries hailed him as “The Divine” or il divino.

About Michelangelo, the biographer Giorgio Vasari in Lives Of The Artists wrote: “…Meanwhile, the benign ruler of heaven graciously looked down to earth, saw the worthlessness of what was being done, the intense but utterly fruitless studies, and the presumption of men who were farther from true art than night from day, and resolved to save us from our errors. So he decided to send to the world an artist who would be skilled in each and every craft, whose work alone would teach us how to attain perfection in design…

…Moreover, he determined to give this artist the knowledge of true moral philosophy and the gift of poetic expression, so that everyone might admire and follow him as their perfect exemplar in life, work, and behavior and in every endeavor, and he would be acclaimed as divine.” (page 325)

However, there was another artist who eclipsed Michelangelo in stature – Leonardo da Vinci. He perfected the weaknesses that plagued Michelangelo’s art. His female figures had such beauty, grace and a sweetness to them that was lacking in Michelangelo’s paintings. Even though the most famous painting in the world is the Mona Lisa, da Vinci’s sweetest work of art is the Virgin and child with St. Anne and John the Baptist. SEE PICTURE BELOW

Virgin and child with St. Anne and John the Baptist

Despite eclipsing his contemporary, Leonardo wasn’t as proficient in portraying the male body as Michelangelo was, yet da Vinci himself excelled in drawing and painting the female body and explored other areas outside the arts, and excelled at everything he turned his hand to.

Wrote Vasari about da Vinci: ”In the normal course of events, many men and women are born with various remarkable qualities and talents; but occasionally, in a way that transcends nature, a single person is marvelously endowed by heaven with beauty, grace, and talent in such abundance that he leaves other men far behind, all his actions seem inspired, and indeed everything he does clearly comes from God rather than from human art. Everyone acknowledged that this was true about Leonardo da Vinci, an artist of outstanding physical beauty who displayed infinite grace in everything he did and who cultivated his genius so brilliantly that all problems he studied, he solved with ease.” (page 255)

There was yet another artist who not only eclipsed Michelangelo, but also da Vinci and became the true embodiment of the consummate artist. His name was Raphael. Even though he was much younger than both his contemporaries, Raphael studied and absorbed their work, overcame the weaknesses that had plagued both Michelangelo and da Vinci’s work, and by far surpassed any renaissance artist, past or in his present day, when it came to portraying the male and female figures, harmony and perspective, beauty and grace, as is evident in his The School of Athens and The Transfiguration.

All three artists lived during the same period and the biographies were written while these artists were still alive. Raphael perfected and captured the beauty and grace of the female figure, and was known as the painter of the Madonnas; his most famous ones being the Madonna of the Chair and the Sistine Madonna. The one thing these revolutionary artists had in common was that they treated their chosen profession as a calling.

About Raphael, Vasari wrote: “Nature sent Raphael into the world after it had been vanquished by the art of Michelangelo and was ready, through Raphael, to be vanquished by character as well. Indeed, until Raphael, most artists had in their temperament a touch of uncouthness and even madness that made them outlandish and eccentric; the dark shadows of vice were often more evident in their lives than the shining light of the virtues that can make men immortal

So nature had every reason to display in Raphael, in contrast, the finest qualities of mind accompanied by such grace, industry, looks, modesty, and excellence of character as would offset every defect, no matter how serious, and any vice, no matter how ugly. One can claim without fear of contradiction that artists as astoundingly gifted as Raphael are not simply men but, if it be allowed to say so, mortal gods, and that those who leave on earth an honored name in the annals of fame, may also hope to enjoy in heaven a just reward for their work and talent.” (page 284)

The next president of the United States should look back to his or her predecessors and avoid a repeat of their mistakes, yet draw from their strengths and infuse those policies and qualities with his or her own blueprint, as a means to restore America back to her original glory, both domestically and worldwide. The only way this can happen, is for the presidency to be looked upon as a calling that transcends any obligation to please donors, special interests or lobbyists.


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PART III-Why alpha males and alpha females tend to lock horns

The alpha female

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas –Just as women screen or pre-qualify every man they meet, it is important for men to screen women too, because one bad relationship can ruin your entire life. It would be counter-productive to get involved with a woman who has just exited a long term relationship, because it takes years before such a woman receives closure, especially if she was betrayed.

Attempting to mend a broken heart

Because men naturally are prone to fixing things when the are broken, there are certain men who always seem to gravitate toward women who are emotionally wounded. Unlike a physical wound that heals when left alone, an emotional wound is different. The more it is ignored, the worse it becomes. Even psychotherapists and psychiatrists resort to prescribing medications that simply treat the symptoms instead of addressing the causes.

When a woman has been betrayed, it is almost impossible for the trust to be restored. Even after she meets a new guy, she will always harbor a certain level of distrust and suspicion based on her past experiences, that’s why it is important to enter a relationship with a woman who is whole or one who has received closure from a past relationship. Never try to mend a broken heart, because frankly, some broken hearts can never mend.

If a man insists on entering a relationship with a woman who still hasn’t yet received closure from a past betrayal, such a man will have to walk on egg-shells most of the time because the woman might misconstrue his actions or inactions or jump to unsubstantiated conclusions. Behavioral scientists David, Stanley and Derald Weng refer to this as arbitrary inference, in their book Understanding Abnormal Behavior. Arbitrary inference is where a person draws erroneous conclusions based on available evidence. They are apparently unwilling or unable to see other more probable explanations. Eventually this will start to take a toll on the relationship and both parties will become emotionally drained.

The alpha and beta females

Throughout my investigative research, I came across five groups of individuals: The alpha male, beta male, the nomad, the alpha female and beta female. An alpha male is a manly man who has confidence in self and won’t hesitate to take the lead. Beta males tend to be spoilers and often play the role of a Judas. They also tend to exhibit signs of being needy and clingy because their social skills are underdeveloped. Beta males are also saboteurs who use every opportunity they get, to sabotage others whether it is in the business world or in relationships. A nomad is a male who once was alpha but lost his glory. When a man allows his identity to be defined by the things he owns or the company he works for or his job title, and loses it all, such a man, more often than not, will also lose his self-worth and become a nomad. Unlike beta males who pretend to be friendly in your presence yet stab you in the back in your absence, nomads are driven by jealousy and display it openly.

Some men, despite exuding an aura of confidence, can’t stand to see another man succeed in life. If they’ve worked hard for decades to get to where they are, and someone else comes along who is a fast learner and is accomplishing honors or attention at a much faster rate, a nomad will perceive such a man as a threat. They never want to give credit where credit is due because it wounds their egos to acknowledge someone else’s efforts. They start out as alpha males, but as their self-worth erodes gradually, so do the alpha traits they once possessed. Nomads and beta males have weak creative imagination and lack originality in what they do. As such, they both lack authenticity, but can instantly spot an authentic alpha male even without the alpha saying a word. There is nothing as intimidating to a nomad or beta as being in the presence of an alpha male.

Men would rather be respected than be loved

Alpha females are ambitious and high achievers, whose relationships tend to revolve around their careers. Something that is remarkable about alpha females is that they are naturally drawn to alpha males because they want a man who takes charge, exudes confidence and is just as accomplished as they are. However, something interesting happens when they start to forge relationships with alpha males. As I mentioned earlier, since alpha females tend to have a hard time separating their leadership role at the workplace from their role in a romantic relationship with an alpha male, they tend to experience a mental tug-of-war, because they feel that by being submissive, they are stripping themselves of their femininity. In the end, both alphas lock horns and one ends up walking away from the relationship.

It is not unusual for an alpha female to build a long-lasting relationship with a beta male. The reason is because beta males are more than willing to comply. Some (not all) alpha females may try to rationalize their inability to hold on to quality men by saying that men are threatened by strong, successful and independent women. That is actually not true, here’s why. According Dr. Kevin Lehman, a family psychologist, “A man would rather be respected than be loved, because when a man is respected, he feels loved.”

As for beta females, they tend to be nurturing and aren’t afraid to display their emotional side. Alpha males are drawn to them naturally because men are genetically programmed to be rescuers. Beta females tend to reciprocate more because they are not on some power trip. It is possible, however, to turn even the most militant alpha female into a submissive beta, however, that topic is beyond the scope of this article.

In the June 2005 edition of GQ magazine, they featured an interview with five American soldiers from the Pennsylvania National Guard, who guarded the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein for almost 300 days. These soldiers told GQ that during that time, they were able to have some interesting conversations with Saddam. One of the topics that came up was about women. Saddam Hussein’s advice to these five young soldiers about women was, “You gotta find a good woman. Not too old, not too young. Not too smart, not too stupid. In the middle.” The old man had figured it out.

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Part II – Alpha males and alpha females tend to lock horns

The alpha male

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — There are some experts who advise men to emphasize on generating attraction within a woman; however, attraction alone from a woman does not sustain a relationship. In order for a woman to want to keep a man, she has to find him desirable. Attraction is like a wildfire that eventually burns out. Desire is much stronger. It is like a warm, steady glow that is self-sustaining.

It is possible to be attracted to someone you don’t find desirable. You see it everyday with drop dead gorgeous women on the arms of a man who could win an ugly contest. Why, you may ask, does this phenomenon happen. My research and investigation reveals that women might be attracted to men’s accomplishments, status, humor, or influence in their community, but that doesn’t mean that they find these men desirable.

It is easier to love than to like someone

It is also possible to love someone you don’t like. Some women will even go as far as marrying men they aren’t attracted to. These men might be good providers, but because sometimes women would rather have security in a relationship, they go against their natural instincts of courting a man they are truly attracted to. Think about your previous break-ups and ask yourself why they ended on such a sour note. It is because you fell in love with someone, but never really developed a liking for that person. It is easier to love someone than it is to like that person. There are even some parents who love their kids, but don’t really like them. These parents love the kids enough to support and provide for them, and will even protect them from danger. However, they never make themselves accessible to these kids or spend quality time with them.

To like someone takes a little more work. Loving is easy because you can love someone from a distance. You all know some people you love from a distance. You really don’t miss them, but you would reach out to them if they asked for help and you were in a position to extend a helping hand. Liking someone means you are fond of that person. Just being around the person gives you a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. When you desire someone, you not only like that person, but you also yearn to be with the same. It is a longing. It involves the force of physical appetite or emotional need. When a woman desires you, she is literally “sold-out” to you.

Windows to the soul

According to Robert Sternberg, a behavioral scientist, the romantic love that we desire is made up of three key elements which are: The emotional element, which involves self-disclosure and leads to connection, warmth and trust. The motivational element, based on inner drives which translate to physiological arousal. The third element is the cognitive element, which is the decision to love and stay in love with the beloved. The relationships you had that fell apart did so because, while your mate may have been attracted to you (motivational element) the cognitive and emotional elements were missing. All three elements must be present for a relationship to be well-balanced.

Everything you’ll ever need to know about a woman lies within her eyes and the tone of her voice. Because women who are clinically sane enjoy being romanced mentally, it is important to take your time and never rush a relationship, upon meeting a quality woman. I also advise men to get the phone number, and not bother asking for the e-mail address because one should not let the relationship be regulated by the electronic media, it is best to develop the initial stages of the relationship by meeting in person.

You also eliminate the possibility of her using e-mail as a means to flake on you or dilute the communication process. I also advise against text messaging because it removes the element of mystery and makes you readily available, which is something men should avoid at least for the first three months into the relationship because it is might be misconstrued as being needy. Once the relationship has solidified, then e-mail and text messages are fine if used sparingly.

Externalize your inner game

Some men are gifted at spitting a good game, but always fall short, and lose the woman because they lack confidence, which is a very important ingredient in conveying inner game. Dave Roper retold a story about African slaves who were brought to America and were being auctioned off to slave masters. As the bidding was happening, one of the slave masters turned to the auctioneer and inquired about a particular slave who seemed unperturbed while all the other slaves were disoriented because they were being auctioned off. The slave carried himself with such confidence and poise. The slave master said to the auctioneer, “That slave over there, I notice there is something different about him.” To which the auctioneer replied, “Back in Africa, he was a Prince, and he hasn’t forgotten it.”

All that glitters…

There are men who have asked me if it is recommended to either keep the phone number of an ex-girlfriend in one’s phonebook, or if one should delete it. The answer is yes and no. If you were the one who broke up with her, keep the phone number that way if she calls, you will have the discretion to answer the phone or not. If she’s the one who broke up with you, delete the phone number or flush it down the toilet that way you’ll receive closure faster, because you’ll have no means of contacting her.

Never memorize a woman’s number because if things don’t work out, it will take you almost two years to erase the number from your mind. Only memorize your relatives’ numbers and the women you aren’t attracted to. The irony is that when a beautiful woman is seen with an ugly man, she’s a gold digger, yet when a good-looking guy is seen with an unattractive woman, it’s called true love.
Continue to PART III – Alpha males and females >>

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PART I -Why alpha males and alpha females tend to lock horns

All things alpha

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — For the past several weeks, several visitors to this site have requested commentary on the indiscretions that have happened in the political arena. Newscast Media doesn’t do celebrity gossip. However, in response to some of the emails I have received asking me to write an article about why spouses in prominent positions in society tend to stray, I will explain the relationship dynamics using research I personally conducted years back while I was a Psych major.

The alpha male

The three prominent names that have kept coming up in the past few months are Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzeneggar and recently, Anthony Weiner, the politician from New York. Weiner resigned last week after he admitted to having online liaisons with six women while married — sending them photos of his crotch and exchanging steamy messages using social networking sites.

All men exhibit alpha male traits and have dominated their chosen careers. Tiger and Arnold are self-explanatory considering the accolades and success they have experienced in sports and acting respectively. As for Anthony Weiner, he too is known for exhibiting traits, whereby he out-alphas politicians and dominates them. Below is a video clip of Rep. Anthony Weiner in his alpha male mode.

Rep. Anthony Weiner out-alphas his opponents in the House of Representatives

In relationships, it is not important to marry a good person, it is more important to marry the right person. A good person may not be the right person to get married to. So many times, the right person may be rough around the edges, and may not be obvious. Most people in courtships pre-qualify their mates. In other words, if that person meets a list of certain criteria, we assume the person may be suitable, while if someone lacks what we seek in a mate, we may be tempted to dismiss that person, even though that person might be the right person for us.

Make her chase you

While beta males tend to be submissive or yes-men towards women in anticipation of reward, alphas tend to be assertive in the relationship. In the many interviews I conducted, as to why some women will reject some men and pursue others, the common theme these women said was that they had little respect for men who allowed women to walk all over them. Women want a man who can decipher their behavioral patterns –men who have internalized the art of courtship and have clear vision of what they want from the relationship.

Almost all the women I spoke to said they did not want a man they would have to lead, they wanted the man to take the lead, because a man who took the lead was viewed as one with confidence. These traits are exhibited by alpha males. Another characteristic of alpha males as opposed to betas is that alphas never hit on women. They simply sit back and wait for the woman to send “buying signals” or give the green light. By the time they make the approach, the woman is already sold out on the man.

All things alpha

The biggest mistake alpha males make is to court or marry an alpha female. Both will eventually end up locking horns since there is a power struggle over control. Most female executives or politicians in high ranking positions are used to taking the lead and managing large teams of people. This creates a dilemma where most of these alpha females fail to separate the leading role they have at work, from their role in a relationship with an alpha male.

Out of frustration, alpha males tend to gravitate toward beta females who are usually less aggressive and more subdued. Beta females tend to be less confrontational than alpha females. When an alpha male experiences the more relaxed atmosphere around a beta female, a lot of things can happen. My studies concluded that beta females make the best partners for alpha males, and there is less tension in such relationships.

I have also said to men (alpha or beta), “Never pursue a relationship with a woman who despises the kind of work you do.”

If a woman doesn’t think your line of work is honorable, she will begin to look down on you and to some extent convince herself that she is doing you a favor by dating you. Unfortunately some women fall in love with the kind of work a man does, as opposed to whom he truly is as a human being. Some men reading this might be in pursuit of a certain kind of woman and are wondering why she stopped returning the phone calls. The reason is because she has defined you based on the type of work you do.

The way a woman talks to and treats an investment banker is totally different from the way she treats a janitor. Both are honorable professions, but if she perceives your job to be inferior, she will begin to believe you are inferior to her too, because she can’t brag about you to her friends, co-workers or family. I believe that’s why men make up fancy job titles when women ask them what they do.

A woman instinctively views the measure of a man based on his potential as a provider. The more prestigious his job is, the better a provider he appears in her eyes. A man’s earning potential is directly proportional to how seriously a woman will regard him as a potential mate.

According to Tom Mortensen, as senior scholar at The Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education, women outnumber men as college graduates. The U.S Census Bureau also shows that the number of females enrolling in college increased by 20 percent between 1967 and 2000.

Because women in America graduate in far greater numbers than men, there are several well-educated women who out-earn their male counterparts. However, a woman who truly values her mate will never belittle him or despise him simply because she is more educated or has greater earning potential than he does. Continue to PART II – Alpha males and females>>

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Failed States List for 2011 released with Great Lakes nations in top 25

Failed States For 2011

Newscast Media WASHINGTON D.C –The 2011 failed states list has just been released today, June 20, 2011 and the results aren’t that surprising. Failed States Index, the annual ranking is prepared by the Fund for Peace and published by FOREIGN POLICY. If the Failed States Index were the Big League, Somalia would be the reigning champ, since it has ranked number one for the fourth year in a row.

The absence of a permanent national government in Somalia for almost twenty years has led to ongoing civil violence, economic hardship, poor social conditions, and the displacement of several million Somali citizens. In Nigeria, steady in the rankings this year at No. 14, post-election rampages in April killed as many as 800 people. Sudan’s closely watched referendum in January on an independent southern state was surprisingly free of bloodshed, but the country continues to hover on the brink of new violence.You may view complete list of failed states here.

Ethnic violence

The Central African Republic remains one of the least stable countries in the world, with spillover from neighboring conflicts likely to continue to destabilize the area. The country’s economy has stagnated under poor policies since independence. A history of coups d’etat has destabilized the government and allowed the rest of the country to fall into disorder. Elsewhere in Africa, ethnic violence in northern Liberia and renewed separatist troubles in Senegal’s Casamance region led to setbacks in both countries’ progress. One thing these countries have in common is that they are constantly engaged in war whether foreign or domestic, and it is the citizens who suffer the consequences. You don’t see countries like Tanzania or South Africa topping the list.

The Great Lakes

Kenya, Burundi and Uganda are high on the list, with Rwanda holding a lower position. Rwanda was once on top of the list as a declared failed state, but has since dropped to number 34 while Kenya is at number 16, Burundi number 17 and Uganda number 21 respectively. In Rwanda, the UK scandal involving Paul Kagame — including further restrictions on the media and opposition groups — did no favors for the country’s scorecard, otherwise Rwanda would have almost disappeared from the list.

Kenya’s bloody post-election ethnic warfare of recent years and economic conditions have kept it in the top 20, while Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni won reelection in February, has had his image tarnished due to the opposition parties that cried foul and the violence that was used against protestors during the most recent demonstrations, including on inauguration day when opposition leader Kizza Besigye returned from Kenya.

Migration of the educated

Unfortunately all the young talent leaves Uganda due to the high unemployment rate, and most head to South Africa, where opportunities are abundant. The uneducated rural farmers are also under constant threat especially from China, since the Chinese are either leasing or buying land on which these farmers depend for sustenance. A study conducted by Food & Water Watch says, land grabs dislocate smallholders who often cannot protect their historical claims on farm and pasture land. This can be especially dire for women, who make up 70 percent of farmers in the developing world. These women often cannot protect their own land tenure claims in court due to local laws. Worse, smallholders may not even know they’re losing their land. The same study lists Uganda as one of the many countries that has leased land to the Chinese so they can grow crops and export them back to China.
View complete report by Food & Water Watch.

The FSI ranks 177 countries using 12 social, economic, and political indicators of pressure on the state, along with over 100 sub-indicators. These include such issues as Uneven Development, State Legitimacy, Group Grievance, and Human Rights. Each indicator is rated on a scale of 1-10, based on the analysis of millions of publicly available documents, other quantitative data, and assessments by analysts. A high score indicates high pressure on the state, and therefore a higher risk of instability.


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MERS Deeds of Trust and the enforceability problem they face

The Note and the Deed are inseparable

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — One of the most innovative ways banks have avoided paying county clerks fees for transferring titles from one property owner to another is by the use of Mortgage Electronic Registration System, or MERS. The problem with MERS is that its operational model requires a bifurcation or separation of the Deed of Trust from the promissory note. In almost every MERS loan, the note names a different entity, while the Deed names MERS as the beneficiary. To perfect a lien, the holder of the note should be the same entity that holds the Deed. However, with the securitization of most mortgages, and the use of MERS, it is almost impossible for that to happen.

MERS realized it hada problem and in February this year released a memo asking all entities to stop foreclosing in its name. The memo in part reads: “To comply with this guidance, MERS Members should implement the following practices, effective immediately.

. . . In recent months legal challenges have arisen regarding alleged inadequacies and improprieties in the foreclosure process including allegations of insufficient or incorrect supporting documentation and challenges to the legal capacity of parties’ right to foreclose . . . MERS is planning to shortly announce a proposed amendment to Membership Rule 8. The proposed amendment will require members to not foreclose in MERS’ name. Consistent with the Membership Rules there will be a 90-day comment period on the proposed Rule. During this period we request that Members do not commence foreclosures in MERS’
name.” The announcement can be viewed here.

MERS realized it could not demonstrate an agency relationship between itself and the note holder that gives MERS the authority to transfer assignments from one entity to another. Furthermore, it would be against MERS’ procedure of operation to make an assignment yet MERS acknowledges in its very own Procedures Manual that it cannot make any transfer of assignments to another. MERS’ own admission: “MERS cannot transfer the beneficial rights to the debt. The debt can only be transferred by properly endorsing the promissory Note to the transferee.” (page 63). You may read or download the entire manual here.

So if MERS cannot transfer the assignments, how is it possible that in foreclosure actions judges are presented with pre-dated documents that purport to transfer the assignment from MERS to another entity, usually a bank? Since MERS doesn’t do the assignments, in most cases, it is the foreclosure mills that create these documents themselves and pretend MERS transferred the assignment. It is the reason why MERS is prohibiting these firms and banks from foreclosing in its name.

MERS has itself to blame because it is peddling its corporate seal on its Website for $25. Virtually any foreclosure mill can purchase the seal, create and notarize an alleged Deed of Trust, present it to a judge and proceed to foreclose, if the homeowner does not object the documents. The MERS corporate seal being peddled can be seen here. There is also a live link, which I suspect they may disable soon.

The Note and the Deed are inseparable

Because the MERS system separates the note and the Deed which is evident since both documents name different entities, the Deed of Trust is rendered unenforceable because it is in violation of Carpenter v. Longan. In 1872, The United States Supreme Court announced this classic statement in this rule:

“The note and mortgage are inseparable; the former as essential, the latter as an incident. An assignment of the note carries the mortgage with it, while an assignment of the latter alone is a nullity.” (quoting Carpenter v. Longan, 83 U.S. (16 Wall) 271, 274 (1872))).

Also In re BNT Terminals, Inc., 125 B.R. 963 (Bankr. N.D. Ill. 1990) (“An assignment of a mortgage without a transfer of the underlying note is a nullity. . . . It is axiomatic that any attempt to assign the mortgage without transfer of the debt will not pass the mortgagee’s interest to the assignee.”

In another ruling, First Nat’l Bank of SACO v. Vagg, 212 P. 509, 511 (Mont. 1922) “A mortgage, as distinct from the debt it secures, is not a thing of value nor a fit subject of transfer; hence an assignment of the mortgage alone, without the debt, is nugatory, and confers no rights whatever upon the assignee. The note and mortgage are inseparable; the former as essential, the latter as an incident. An assignment of the note carries the mortgage with it, while the assignment of the latter alone is a nullity. The mortgage can have no separate existence.”

In Southerin v. Mendum, 1831 WL 1104, at * 7 (N.H. 1831) (“[T]he interest of the mortgagee is not in fact real estate, but a personal chattel, a mere security for the debt, an interest in the land inseparable from the debt, an incident to the debt, which cannot be detached from its principal.”)

Another ruling was in Barton v. Perryman, 577 S.W.2d 596, 600 (Ark. 1979) and also in Kelley v. Upshaw, 246 P.2d 23 (Cal. 1952) (“In any event, Kelley’s purported assignment of the mortgage without an assignment of the debt which is secured was a legal nullity.”)

The Deed of Trust problem

The biggest problem MERS Deeds of Trust face is that there is no Grantor, Grantee or what has been Granted that was named. Many lawyers are on the lower end of the learning curve when it comes to these issues because MERS and securitization are fairly new. However, many courts have held that a document attempting to convey an interest in realty fails to convey that interest if the document does not name an eligible Grantee or Grantor.

Courts around the country have long held, “There must be, in every Grant, a Grantor, a Grantee and a thing Granted, and a deed wanting in either essential is absolutely void.”

Look at any MERS Deed of Trust, you’ll see that most of them violate this rule. In the case of Richey v. Sinclair, 47 N.E. 364, 365 (Ill. 1897) the court ruled, (“The law is well settled that a deed without the name of a Grantee is invalid. It is said there must be in every Grant a Grantor, a Grantee, and a thing Granted; and a deed wanting in either essential will be void.”).

In Disque v. Wright, 49 Iowa 538, 540 (1878) (“It has been frequently held that slight omissions in the acknowledgment of a deed destroy the effect of the record as constructive notice. A fortiori, it seems to us, should so important and vital an omission as that of the name of the Grantee have that effect.”)

In Allen v. Allen, 51 N.W. 473, 474 (Minn. 1892) (omission of name of Grantee invalidated conveyance because “[a] legal title to real property cannot be established by parol.”)

The most memorable is by the NY Supreme Court in in Chauncey v. Arnold, 24 N.Y. 330, 338 (1862) (“No mortgagee or obligee was named in [a mortgage], and no right to maintain an action thereon, or to enforce the same, was given therein to the plaintiff or any other person. It was, per se, of no more legal force than a simple piece of blank paper.”)

Back-dated or retroactive assignments of the Deed

Most cases that you read about, homeowners claim that they were presented with a back-dated assignment of the Deed of Trust after a foreclosure action had commenced. The problem is that if the assignment happened after court papers were filed, then the foreclosing entity never had standing to begin with therefore can’t foreclose.

In order to commence a foreclosure procedure, the party must have a legal or equitable interest in the mortgage (Katz v East-Ville Realty Co., 249 AD2d 243, 243).

A “foreclosure of a mortgage may not be brought by one who has no title to it.”
(Kluge v Fugazy, 145 AD2d 537, 538).

An assignee cannot maintain an action for any part of a claim which has not been assigned to him. (Works v. Winkle , 234 S.W.2d 312, 315 (Ky. App. 1950)).

A mere expectancy is not enough to establish standing, a party must prove a “present or substantial interest.” Plaza B.V. v. Stephens, 913 S.W.2d 319, 322 (Ky.1996)(quoting Ashland v. Ashland F.O.P. No.3, Inc., 888 S.W.2d 667 (Ky. 1994).

In this particular case, defendants did not have an interest in the mortgage at the time the foreclosure action was commenced (LaSalle Bank Natl. Assn. v Ahearn, 59 AD3d at 911).

The Court in L aSalle found that: “The written assignment submitted by plaintiff was indisputably written subsequent to the commencement of this action and the record contains no other proof demonstrating that there was a physical delivery of the mortgage prior to bringing the foreclosure action.” (LaSalle Bank Natl. Assn. v Ahearn,59 AD3d 912).

As such, a retroactive assignment cannot be used to confer standing upon the assignee in a foreclosure commenced prior to the execution of the assignment.(LaSalle Bank Natl. Assn.,59 AD3d 912).

It now makes sense that MERS took a close look at its Deeds and recognized this problem, however almost 60 percent of American homes have Deeds in MERS name. It is up to homeowners and their attorneys to challenge the enforceability of these documents, if they find themselves in court fighting to keep their homes.


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French court summons two women for veiling their faces in public

Newscast Media PARIS, France — Two Muslim women were summoned under France’s new law forbidding the wearing of face covering in public places, which came into effect in April. The two women, who wear the niqab or burka – a veil that covers the hair and face with just a slit for the eyes, were ordered to appear before the court in the town of Meaux, about 40 kilometers east of Paris, for going to the local town hall on May 5 with their faces veiled.

Both the women live in the Paris region. One of them could not be present at the hearing. The other woman, Hind, 31, a mother of a three-year-old, was barred from entering the courtroom after refusing to remove her veil for the duration of the hearing.

Under a new law prohibiting people from concealing their face in public – widely referred to as the ‘burqa ban’ because it is aimed at wearers of the Islamic burqa, or full-body covering, and niqab – the women risk a fine of 150 euros and/or being asked to take lessons in citizenship.

A person who forces a woman to wear a veil risks a year in prison and 30,000 euros in fines. The two women were booked by police after showing up at Meaux town hall with a birthday cake for Mayor Jean-Francois Cope, who is also leader of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s conservative ruling Union for a Popular Majority.


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Uganda’s Kizza Besigye on Yoweri Museveni and Walk to Work Events

Uganda’s Kizza Besigye talks to CNN about the events unfolding in Uganda

Newscast Media NEW YORK, New York — Uganda opposition leader Kizza Besigye shot two birds with one stone when he came to America last week for treatment of an injury and also took time out to talk to CNN about the events unfolding in Uganda under current president, Yoweri Museveni. Besigye was shot and injured as he demonstrated with supporters against the rising cost of living in Uganda. The demonstrations have been taking place for over a month, and were organized by a group called Activists for Change.

In the interview Besigye said: ” You have wide sections of the society that are grossly marginalized, who cannot find employment, who cannot even afford a meal a day, while small sections of the political elite, use national resources opulently on themselves — corruption is rife, and as a result mounting discontent in most of these countries.”



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Bank of America targeted in new probe by New York Attorney General

Bank of America under fire

Newscast Media NEW YORK, New York — In an effort to to get to the the bottom of the questionable foreclosure practices in the mortgage industry, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has targeted Bank of America, the biggest U.S. bank by assets, in a new probe that questions the validity of potentially thousands of mortgage securities and their associated foreclosures, two people familiar with the matter said.

Huffington Post reported that Court testimony and independent studies have raised questions over whether banks and other financial firms passed along the required documents to trusts, the independent entities that oversee securities for investors. In some cases where trusts moved to seize borrowers’ homes, judges have determined the trusts lacked legal standing due to faulty documentation. If the legal steps that guide securitization — like taking mortgage documents from one party to another, a critical step under New York law — were not undertaken, then the investors who bought the bundled loans could force the companies to buy them back, compelling them to eat enormous losses.

New York state investigators could also find that those securities aren’t valid financial instruments at all and take action under state law. Huffington Post did not explain what critical steps needed to be undertaken so I’ll attempt to explain the relevant steps below:

New York State Law:

Nearly all the agreements that govern securtized mortgages (Pooling and Servicing Agreements) are governed by the laws of New York state. The agreement has a section specifically stipulates that the trust agreement “shall be governed by and controlled in accordance with the laws of the State of New York…”

When these securitized loans are passed around and sold to different entities, every transaction has to be recorded in the appropriate County Clerk’s office in the county where the property is located. The note also has to be endorsed without recourse from the seller the buyer.

In the securtization process there is the Originator (bank); Sponsor (a shell company) the Seller (another shell company); Master Servicer; Depositor and then the Trustee. The note should be endorsed from Originator to Sponsor to Seller to Master Servicer then to Depositor sequentially, who finally endorses it to the Trustee. In other words a note that is an asset of the trust should have an “unbroken”chain of endorsements from the Sponsor to the Trustee sequentially.

Article II Section 2.01 of every PSA says: Section 2.01 (c)(i)(A) requires that the Depositor deliver the original Mortgage Note endorsed by manual or facsimile signature in blank in the following form:

“Pay to the order of ____________ without recourse,” with All intervening endorsements showing a Complete chain of endorsement from the Originator to the Person endorsing the Mortgage Note (each such endorsement being sufficient to transfer all right, title and interest of the party so endorsing,
as noteholder or assignee thereof, in and to that Mortgage Note…)

Under New York Trust law:

A. Unless an asset is transferred into a lifetime trust, the asset does not become Trust property. (NY Estates, Powers and Trust Law, Section 7-1.18)

B. The assignment of a mortgage without transfer of the underlying promissory note is a nullity. (Merritt v. Bartholick, 36 N.Y 44 (1867); Kluge v. Fugazy, 145 A.D. 2d 537 (1988)).

C. A Trustee’s act that is contrary to the trust agreement is VOID. (New York Estates, Powers and Trusts Law, Section 7-2.4)

In other words the act of a Trustee receiving an instrument that doesn’t have ALL the intervening endorsements showing an “unbroken” chain of endorsements is void. Also the act of a Trustee receiving an instrument where the actors that purchased and sold it are not recorded in Register of Deeds office is void.

Banks have constantly failed to provide notes that have all endorsements and have thus failed to prove standing. Most people do not understand what standing to foreclose means, but under Article III of the United States Constitution, to meet the standing burden, a bank should prove the following:

(i) Injury in fact, (ii) Causation and (iii) Redressability. To have LEGAL standing a party must assert “its own” legal interests as the real party in interest. If a bank cannot prove that the loan became an asset of the Trust, it can never be able to prove standing.

The same Section 2.01(B) stipulates: “As promptly as practicable subsequent to such transfer and assignment, and in any event, within one-hundred and twenty (120) days after such transfer and assignment, the Trustee shall (B) cause such assignment to bein proper form for recording in the appropriate public office for real property records and (C) cause to be delivered for recording in the appropriate public office for real property records the assignments of the Mortgages to the Trustee…”

Broken Chain of Assignments:

So even if the note has the endorsements but the entities that purchased the Note were never recorded at the time of foreclosure, in County Clerk’s office where the property is located, the bank once again cannot meet the standing burden, because an unrecorded assignment creates a broken chain in title, and if you do not know who owns the title, you do not know whom to pay, hence the instrument becomes void.

A Broken Chain of Assignments renders the “Deed of Trust” Void and Unenforceable under UCC 3-201, 3-204 & 3-302 and as such no triggering of the foreclosure clause in the “Deed of Trust” is possible. With regard to real property, before an entity assigned an interest in that property would be entitled to lay claim on the property, their interest therein must have been recorded in accordance to State property laws.

Now this new investigation into whether the securities these companies created are even valid, represents a new front in Schneiderman’s ongoing probe, and raises fresh questions into the potential liability sellers of these mortgage instruments face.



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Pro-democracy Libyan fighters recognized by Germany as legitimate

Germany's Angela Merkel

Newscast Media BERLIN, Germany –The Libyan pro-democracy rebels got another boost on Monday when Germany gave official recognition of them, amid the continuing fighting that is happening across the country. German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said Germany had recognised the Libyan rebels’ National Transitional Council as the “sole legitimate representative” of the Libyan people.

Mikhail Margelov, the special envoy of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, said in Moscow meanwhile he would visit Tripoli next week to hold talks on the Libya conflict.

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said after meeting rebel leaders in their capital Benghazi that Germany recognises their National Transitional Council as the “sole legitimate representative” of the Libyan people.

“We want a free Libya, in peace and democracy without Kadhafi,” he added.
Germany becomes the 13th nation to recognise the NTC as “sole legitimate representative,” after Australia, Britain, France, Gambia, Italy, Jordan, Malta, Qatar, Senegal, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Berlin abstained from a UN Security Council resolution vote on March 17 backing intervention in Libya and chose not to join the NATO-led air war in support of the rebels.

But German Defence Minister Thomas de Maiziere said last week his country would be ready to consider sending peacekeeping troops to Libya if and when strongman Kadhafi falls from power.
Kadhafi, however, remains adamant he will not step down, according to the head of the World Chess Federation Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who said that during a game of chess in Tripoli on Sunday the strongman insisted he had no position of power to relinquish.

“I am neither premier nor president nor king. I do not hold any post in Libya and therefore I have no position which I should give up,” Ilyumzhinov quoted Kadhafi as telling him during a two-hour meeting and the chess game.

“Kadhafi stated that he is not going to leave Libya, stressing that it is his motherland and a land where his children and grandchildren died.”

The chessboard encounter came as fighting between Kadhafi’s forces and rebels raged across Libya, with casualties reported in the western town of Zintan and the strategic oil hub of Brega in the east.
Battles were also being fought in the Berber mountains southwest of Tripoli, in nearby Yafran, and at Dafnia near Misrata, Libya’s third city, rebel sources told AFP.

Intense rocket fire and shelling rocked an area half-way between Ajdabiya and Brega early on Sunday but “all is calm this morning,” Mussa al-Mograbi said on Monday, contacted by telephone.

NATO said it was taking “necessary action” to protect civilians.

“NATO is monitoring the situation closely and is taking necessary action to protect civilians,” a statement by the western alliance said.

“Along the north-west coast of Libya between Tripoli and the Tunisian border Libyans long tired of Kadhafi rule are challenging his legitimacy openly, and in doing so, are under threat of attack,” it said.



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Hillary Clinton’s African trip disrupted by volcanic eruption

Hillary Clinton

Newscast Media ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia –The risk of an ash cloud from a volcano in Ethiopia prompted US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to cut short her Africa trip a senior US official said.

“There’s a volcano. It erupted over the city where our plane was supposed to relocate to. So therefore the plane cannot relocate to that city (Djibouti). The plane needs to leave either way, to do so in an hour and half… with us or without us,” he said.

“If it leaves without us, it’s unclear when it or another plane could come get us because the ash cloud is moving towards Addis and it could cover the city… for an indeterminate length (of time). Therefore (what we have decided) to do, which the air force is recommending, is to leave.”

Earlier on Monday, she addressed the 53-member African Union and met Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. She then cancelled a scheduled media briefing and held meetings with advisers to Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir as well as Salva Kiir, president of the soon-to-be independent South.

The Dubbi volcano, in the Southern Red Sea Region, erupted on Sunday, sending plumes of ash 13km (eight miles) into the air. It was its first eruption since 1861 and was preceded by a series of earthquakes.
The ash is expected to reach Saudi Arabia, Jordan and southern Israel, the Israel Meteorological Survey said.



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Gingrich resignations could signal a Rick Perry entry into race

GOP Contenders for the 2012 presidential race

Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas governor has previously said that he wasn’t interested in running for president. However, recently Gov. Rick Perry said he planned “to think” about a presidential run after Memorial Day, and since he has expressed that he thinks that there is a void in the GOP field and he is uniquely positioned to fill that void, there is every indication that Perry will run for president.

Moreover members Perry’s group of campaign consultants say there is little chance he would embark on a 2012 campaign without Dave Carney and Rob Johnson at his side. News broke today that both Carney and Johnson who were managing presidential contender Newt Gingrich, have resigned. Perfect situation for Rick Perry. Several other defections from Gingrich’s camp signal that Perry is ready to jump into the race, now that the two key players who have previously worked with the governor are available.

Johnson managed Perry’s campaign in 2010 that helped him get re-elected for the third time, while Carney was Perry’s advisor for the 1998, 2002, 2006 and 2010 election campaigns. In this article by the Wall Street Journal, Perry told his supporters that he has a track record of creating jobs and his success will position him in an election that will likely pivot on jobs.

The Bachmann factor:

Michele Bachmann is another contender on the GOP side and will likely split Tea Party votes with Rick Perry to create a three-way race with Mitt Romney. Romney has the advantage of independents and moderates and is polling ahead of Obama according to a recent Washington Post/ABC poll that put Romney at 49 percent compared to Obama’s 46 percent in the general.

Ron Paul:

No other candidate is has a disadvantage with the media than Ron Paul who is considered to be the Tea Party patriarch. Whether Paul can overcome the media bias remains to be seen, and I’ve previously said that Ron Paul’s mission will be accomplished by his son Rand Paul, however, Ron Paul is good for the race because he raises issues in debates that force other candidates to reveal their positions or where they stand, which is material to voters who have to make choices between two candidates who appear to have similar views on issue but differ their approach.

In the end, if Sarah Palin doesn’t run, she will help Rick Perry beat Michele Bachmann, and at the very end of the primaries it will be Romney against Perry. However, things could instantly change if some dark horse enters the race, say Jeb Bush. The better one of the two will go against Obama in the general.



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African rulers and investors treat the Continent like a whore

The Continent

Newcast Media HOUSTON, Texas — The most popular phrase word in the business community on the African continent, in regard to who gets the big government contracts is the word “investors.” It is simply a code-word for the “chosen few” or the “well-connected.” When construction projects are up for bidding, the so-called foreign investors get priority over the native Africans. If a prime piece of land is viewed as profitable, it is not unusual for the indigenous Africans to be evicted because “investors” want to develop the land.

With total disregard to generational bloodlines that may have lived on a particular piece of land for hundreds of years, African families who are evicted find themselves wanderers on the continent upon which their God-given birth rights are engraved.

This problem emanates from two groups of people: Political rulers and investors. These are the groups that are looting Africa without impunity.

Political sellouts:

Africa will always remain part of the third world as long as it political rulers continue selling out their own people for personal gain. Although continent-wide estimates are scarce, the African Union believes that US$148 billion leaves the continent every year because of corruption . Most analysts agree that the outflows of illicit money originating in Africa tend to be permanent, indicating that between 80 – 90 per cent of such flows remain outside the Continent.

Africa’s GDP is being moved offshore which means that Africa’s wealth is flowing to bank accounts in Monaco, Switzerland, London and The Cayman Islands with the collusion of some of the world’s wealthiest countries and companies. All this is happening while poor Africans can afford the bare necessities of life, hospitals are empty without drugs, there is a lack of constant flow of water for consumption and the living conditions are deplorable.

Selling natural resources and assets:

This is one of the main reasons African rulers do not leave power voluntarily and have to be forced out. These rulers have a sense of entitlement and have convinced themselves that everything including the natural resources and treasures, belongs to them personally.

It is estimated that Africa’s political elites hold somewhere between US$700 to $800 billion in offshore accounts outside the Continent. Africa corruption and this continent-wide theft is a bi-product of selling the natural resources or national assets for the purpose of unjust enrichment.

According to The Economist, “When Sani Abacha was dictator of Nigeria at the end of the 1990s, the Central Bank had a standing order instruction to transfer US$15 million or so to his Swiss bank account every day. “ Over 100 banks around the world were involved in handling Abacha’s loot, including Citigroup , HSBC , BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered and Deutsche Morgan Grenfel.

Mobutu embezzled US$5 billion from the people of Zaire. A report prepared by the UN after Mobutu’s downfall implicated 54 government ministers and 85 multinational companies based in Europe, the British Channel Islands, Canada, US, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa for violations relating to the illegal exploitation of Congolese resources.

Investors (Multinationals) looting Africa:

Take for example a country like Uganda that has an unemployment youth rate of 83 percent, according to a World Bank report.

These unemployed youths who are actually educated, can be put to work by the Ugandan government by providing them grants in areas of research, small business development and in biotechnology. What is happening is that multinational corporations understand how to take advantage of African countries that refuse to take care of their own. They know they will be favored over the native Africans, end they end up actually owning large sectors of the economy.

It is well-known the Uganda’s economy is owned by four Indian families, the dominant one being Aga Kahn. How is that possible? The answer is, these foreigners take advantage of the ignorance of the powerbrokers in Uganda.

Infection-Fighting Mycobacteria — Out of Uganda

Another example where multinationals have taken advantage of the ignorance of politicians and powerbrokers in Uganda is, a report from the Edmonds Institute reveals the discovery of a bacteria called Microbacterium vaccae that was isolated from mud samples collected from the Lang’o District of northern Uganda by a British company, SR Pharma (formerly Stanford Rook Ltd). Since its isolation, the bacteria has been used effectively against chronic viral infections, including HIV. Since being obtained from Uganda, the bacteria strain “has been patented in the US at least five times, the latest being on June 22, 2003. However, the report says: “No mention (is made) of benefit sharing (with the Ugandan people).

If only the unemployed graduates are provided with grants by the government, countries like Uganda would be leaders in providing medical solutions from the research work done by native Ugandans, and would actually own these patents.

Faded glory – stolen from Kenya

For instance, one of the biggest drug manufacturers in Europe, Bayer of Germany, is alleged to have acquired a strain of bacteria from the Ruiru Dam (called Lake Ruiru in the report) in central Kenya, from which it developed a drug that assists diabetes patients by inhibiting the absorption of sugar into their bloodstreams.

Though the product had generated over $379 million by the end of 2004, the researcher says that Kenyans have not benefited at all. Similarly, marine resources from Kenya have been collected by researchers from the Tel Aviv University in Israel who are now investigating their commercial use.
Of particular interest, however, are microbes (or extremophiles) that were stolen from Kenya’s Rift Valley lakes in 1992 and patented by a California-based company, Genencor International. The microbes were applied in the manufacture of industrial enzymes that give blue jeans a trendy faded look, while others were used by the US multiproduct giant, Procter & Gamble, in the manufacture of detergents.
Both microbes, and the key enzymes they produce, are owned by California-based Genencor, a biotech company purchased in 2005 by Danisco of Denmark, a 10,000 employee food and life sciences company with about US $3.4 billion in annual revenues.

The Kenyan government filed a lawsuit in the US for piracy that was written about in this article by the UK Guardian.

The Cancer Fighter from Bitterleaf:

A scientist at Jackson State University in Mississippi has obtained a US patent (6,849,604, issued 1 Feb 2005) on extracts of Vernonia amygdalina, an African medicinal plant sometimes called Bitterleaf (or Bitter Leaf). According to the patent, the extracts are effective against cancer. The inventor obtained samples in Benin City, Nigeria.

Bottom line, Africa is being raped by foreign multinationals AKA investors. African governments need to seek compensation for “Bio-piracy” of African products or else they will continue to be fleeced. They need to receive royalties for the extracts that are being stolen from the continent. The entire report on this piracy can be read and downloaded here, and should make any red-blooded African outraged as to how rich the continent is, yet it remains the poorest in the world.



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Gaddafi displays fake victims to suggest NATO is responsible

Libya's Gaddafi

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — Perhaps as an attempt to gain public sympathy, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi attempted Sunday to show evidence of his claims that scores of children and civilians have been killed and wounded by NATO-led airstrikes. It has been rumored that the embattled Gadaffi has been living in hospitals to evade the ever-increasing airstrikes.

After letting foreign media into a hospital to see a young child allegedly injured by NATO airstrikes, a hospital worker passed a note to journalists explaining that the child had in fact been the victim of a car accident.

Libyan government officials reportedly took the foreign press members to a farm on the borders of Tripoli, the Libyan capital. A farmer then explained how his dog and numerous chickens had been killed by a missile strike by NATO. The man explained that people had been hurt, although those claims were later contradicted by others in the area that claimed children had been injured.

Next, the press members were taken to a central Tripoli hospital to see an unconscious young girl. A man, described to journalists as her uncle then proceeded to explain how she was the victim of a NATO airstrike on Sunday.

However, those claims were thrown into doubt soon after as a staff member at the hospital passed an English hand-written note to journalists that said: “This is a case of road traffic accident. This is the truth”.

The Libyan government has claimed that more than 700 civilians have been killed, and more than 4,000 wounded since NATO airstrikes began. However, foreign media representatives have yet to be shown any evidence of such casualties. Contributed by: Daniel Blake


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Newly launched “Obedient Wife Club” creates controversy

Obedient Wife Club causes controversy

Newscast Media HOUSTOn, Texas — A controversial club that new club, launched on Saturday by a group of Muslim Malaysian women, says it can cure social ills such as prostitution and divorce by teaching women to be submissive and keep their men happy in the bedroom.

Wives who sign up will be given instruction in how to “obey, serve and entertain” their husbands to promote marital harmony and cut the risk their spouses will stray or misbehave.

“Islam compels us to be obedient to our husband. Whatever he says, I must follow. It is a sin if I don’t obey and make him happy,” said Ummu Atirah a 22-year old new bride.

One of the club’s founders Maznah Taufik – who also set up the Polygamy Club two years ago – said much marital discord was the result of disobedient wives failing to bring joy to their husbands.

“Domestic abuse happens because wives don’t obey their husband’s orders,” said Mrs Maznah. “A man must be responsible for his wife’s well-being, but she must listen to her husband.” She also said the group would stress that wives had to provide husbands with a fulfilling sex life to prevent them straying to prostitutes.

“To entertain their husbands is compulsory,” she said. “If she doesn’t do this the husband will look for another woman … and the house will break down.”


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