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AIDS Hoax: The truth behind the virus that never was

3D model of DNA strand

Newscast Media — It has been dubbed the incurable disease caused by an elusive virus called the HIV/AIDS virus. However, scientists have presented compelling evidence showing that HIV/AIDS is nothing more than a pseudo-science hoax and the real culprits are the AIDS medications like AZT that do more harm than good.

Every case of AIDS includes one of the 29 pre-existing illnesses that were defined by the Center for Disease Control. These include the three additional conditions namely: Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Pneumonia and Cervical cancer that were added on October 28, 1992. James Curran, CDC’s associate director for AIDS justified the addition by saying, “We expect this expansion to result in more comprehensive monitoring of the epidemic of HIV infection and related disease in the United States.”

What is most remarkable is that the addition of just those three categories brought in an additional 160,000 HIV-infected people who were not yet seriously ill and were not now considered to have AIDS. With these additions Virologists, researchers, and clinics can now receive huge grants and funding for research. We can therefore make the inference that AIDS is not a new disease, it is simply a collection of designated illnesses already known to the scientific community and the general public.

A good example is the flu vaccine which could also render you HIV positive. A control study of 101 blood donors who had been vaccinated against influenza and 191 matched controls showed that recent inoculation with any brand of influenza vaccine was significantly associated with a false positive screening assay for HIV antibodies. Guidelines of both Johns Hopkins and the New York State Department of Health list influenza vaccination as a known cause of indeterminate results on Western blotting for HIV antibodies. On March 30, 2006, the New England Journal of Medicine published an article titled “Influenza Vaccination and False Positive HIV Results” You may read the article in its entirety.

You will be surprised to learn that there has never been an actual photograph released showing what this make-believe virus looks like.I challenge any scientist to produce an image of a “stand-alone” AIDS virus that is original from an AIDS patient.

Not a single one of the colorful pictures originated directly from one single AIDS patient! They ALL originated from complex cell cultures prepared in various laboratories. All these images shown to us of fake AIDS viruses with antennae eating healthy cells are simulations of what scientists believe the virus does and how it replicates.

I personally can use my multimedia knowledge to create a 3D model and animation using 3D Studio Max, or Maya or Poser or Rhino, to create such animations. That’s how I created the DNA strand above.There is nothing special or genius about that.

In Vol 3 No 5, of Continuum Magazine published in 1996, Dr. Val Turner says “The HIV antibody tests do not detect a virus. They test for any antibodies that react with an assortment of proteins experts claim are specific to HIV. The fact is that an antibody test, even if repeated and found positive a thousand times, does not prove the presence of viral infection.”

The reason you don’t hear much about this is because journalists tend to shy away from scientific topics and would rather pursue political or community events. If they do launch an investigation into a scientific subject, they normally are directed to the Public Relations department where they are fed pseudo-science, and such reports don’t expose the true lies behind the fraud being committed.

In the 80s when AIDS was allegedly discovered, Max Essex a colleague of Dr. Robert C. Gallo of the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, came up with a colorful theory that AIDS originated from monkeys. Max Essex of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, claimed that the virus was linked to one found in African green monkeys. On page 245 of the journal Science dating back to April 20, 1985, Essex hypothesized that the AIDS virus made its way into Africans who ate or were bitten by primates infected with a closely related virus. Robert C. Gallo then made a name for himself when his lab, at National Institutes of Health and another the lab of researcher and French scientist Luc Montagnier at the Pasteur Institute in Paris-began working to track down the cause of the mysterious disease striking homosexual men. The first to publish results was Montagnier, who described finding a virus he dubbed LAV in an AIDS patient in May 1983. Montagnier, however, stopped short of claiming it was the cause of AIDS. In April 1984, Gallo went further. He announced that he had identified a virus-which he called HTLV III-and proposed it was the cause of AIDS. Gallo also reported developing a test to detect it in blood.

A lawsuit was filed by the Frenchman who believed Gallo had used his sample to falsely take credit for his work. Gallo and Montagnier agreed to share equally the credit for discovering the AIDS virus. Part of the settlement was to create a new name for the virus. Gallo’s HTLV-III (human T-cell lymphotropic virus) and Montagnier’s LAV (lymphadenopathy associated virus) became HIV (human immunodeficiency virus).

On May 25, 1995 the Albany Times Union reported that this same Gallo was offered $12 million in incentives, to establish a virus research center in Baltimore, Maryland. As you can see there is a serious conflict in interest. How can Gallo possibly deliver objective results with such vast sums of money pouring into his lab? When fellow scientists objected to what they viewed as an arrangement by Gallo and the state driven by profit, Gallo lashed out and said, “I can do whatever I want. The state asked us to form a company to create jobs and fund the institute. If I made profit out of it, would that be wrong? Absolutely not.”

In October 2008 Gallo was snubbed for a Nobel prize which was awarded to Luc Montagnier and Francoise Barre-Sinoussi. The reason was obvious. In his book How A Virus That Never Was Deceived The World, Neville Hodgkinson a leading medical journalist in the UK demonstrates and asserts , “HIV is not a virus but a collection of gene products that can appear when immune system cells are chronically stimulated in the body or drastically manipulated in the laboratory. No two identical HIVs have been isolated, even from the same individual.”

Andrew Neil’s column in the UK Sunday Times dated June 23, 1996, reads, “AIDS has become an industry, a job- creation scheme for the caring classes: at one stage there were three times as many AIDS counselors as AIDS victims . . . . the duplicity of the AIDS establishment has been fatal. Hundreds of millions of pounds that could have been spent on far greater risks to life – such as breast cancer – from which more die every year than have died of AIDS in 14 years – was siphoned off and squandered. Money that should have been targeted at the real risk groups was spread uselessly across the population instead.”

On April 3, 2000, South Africa’s President Mbeki wrote Clinton this letter disputing the findings of AIDS. Mbeki argued that HIV does not cause AIDS and that treatment with drugs such as AZT does more harm than good. This five-page Mbeki letter shocked Washington, they thought it was a hoax. It was leaked to the Washington Post that printed it on April 21, 2000, later the New York Times printed its analysis of the letter on May 14, 2000 explaining that the letter was not a hoax, Mbeki meant everything he said.

Dr. Peter Duesberg a professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, who isolated the first cancer gene through his work on retroviruses in 1970, explained so eloquently to an AIDS panel on June 22, 2000 why HIV does not cause AIDS and why Mbeki had a problem with the numbers from the CDC.

“In Africa 23 million HIV-positives generate per year 75,000 AIDS patients, ie. 1AIDS case per 300 HIV-positives. But in the US, 0.9 million HIV-positives (WHO, Weekly Epidemiological Record 73, 373-380, 1998) now generate per year about 45,000 AIDS cases (Centers for Disease Control, 1999), ie. 1 AIDS case per 20 HIV-positives. Thus the AIDS risk of an American HIV-positive is about 15-times higher than that of an African! Since over 150,000 healthy HIV-positive Americans are currently treated with DNA chain-terminating and other anti-HIV drugs (Duesberg & Rasnick, 1998), and since American HIV-positives have a 15-fold higher AIDS risk than African HIV-positives, President Mbeki must be warned about American advice on “treatments” of HIV-positives.

The discrepancies between African AIDS and infectious disease, and the discrepancies between the high AIDS risk of American compared to African HIV-positives can both be readily explained by the hypothesis that AIDS is caused by non-contagious risk factors and that HIV is a harmless passenger virus.”

AZT and AIDS Medications The Culprits:

AZT is a toxic chain terminator of DNA developed 30 years ago as cancer chemotherapy drug. Duesberg’s research indicates that the long-term consumption of recreational drugs (such as cocaine, heroin, nitrite inhalants, and amphetamines) and prescriptions of DNA chain-terminating and other anti-HIV drugs, cause all AIDS diseases in America and Europe that exceed their long-established, national backgrounds, i.e. >95%. Chemically distinct drugs cause distinct AIDS-defining diseases; for example, nitrite inhalants cause Kaposi’s sarcoma, cocaine causes weight loss, and AZT causes immunodeficiency, lymphoma, muscle atrophy, and dementia. The anti-HIV drug cocktails are failing in the US. A front page article of the New York Times, showing dying AIDS patients, issued a first warning in August 1997:

“Despite powerful new AIDS drugs many are still losing battle (NYT, August 22, 1997). By September 1997 the American press already reported that “AIDS drug cocktails fail 53%” (San Francisco Examiner, September 29, 1997).

In regard to whether condoms protect against AIDS Dr. Duesberg says,”The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta were the first to publish in 1989 in the New England Journal of Medicine that it takes about 1,000 unprotected sexual contacts with an HIV-positive person to become positive. The CDC’s numbers are based on thousands of “discordant” hemophilia couples, in which the husband was positive from a transfusion and some of their wives became positive over time. Recent studies on homosexual couples, other heterosexual couples and singles have confirmed the CDC’s original number.

With regard to the question about the usefulness of condoms in preventing AIDS my answer is twofold: (1) Since AIDS is caused by drugs, not by HIV, condoms do not prevent AIDS. (2) However, since many doctors prescribe DNA chain terminators such as AZT as anti-HIV drugs to healthy HIV-positives, and since DNA chain terminators cause AIDS – condoms are useful after all. They protect people who have an average of 1,000 sexual contacts with HIV-positives from infection, and thus from AIDS caused by anti-HIV medication.”

As for the difference between African AIDS and American/European AIDS Duesberg says, “The African AIDS epidemic has only one thing in common with the American/European AIDS epidemic – the name. African AIDS is caused by malnutrition, parasitic infection and poor sanitation. There are no risk groups in Africa, like drug addicts and homosexuals. It is for this reason that African AIDS
is equally distributed between the sexes. Moreover, practically no African AIDS patients have pneumocystis pneumonia, dementia or Kaposi’s sarcoma – the signal diseases of AIDS in the US and Europe. Above all, African AIDS is diagnosed without even attempting an HIV test, which is too expensive for Africa. Thus there is no scientific evidence for the correlation between HIV and African AIDS, only guesses.”

False Positives and lawsuits filed

On August 13, 2004, The Oakland Tribune reported that for eight years, a 59-year-old war veteran was led to believe he was HIV-positive. After living with what he thought was the virus for almost a decade he went to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Oakland clinic, and his doctor told him that he actually isn’t HIV-positive and presumably never has been.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported on December 18, 1994, that for nearly a year, a Florida man lived day to day, not sure when he would get sick and die, after he was falsely diagnosed as being HIV positive. He said people treated him “like nuclear waste.” Friends in his suburban Fort Lauderdale community wouldn’t shake his hand. Many “always had an excuse” not to see him. The diagnosis stunned him. He says he hadn’t engaged in risky sex or drug use. But it wasn’t until almost a year later – after his friends abandoned him and his thoughts turned to suicide – that he found out the test result was wrong.

On March 29, 1999, Davis Marc, a staff writer at The Virginian-Pilot reported that a 41-year-old shipyard electrician who was a good father took a routine blood test, ordered by the insurance company, and the results came back with shocking news: He had the AIDS virus. His life disintegrated. He started drinking. He missed work. His wife left with their three children. His in-laws harassed him. He thought he was dying. His wife thought she was dying. Then came a second shock: The blood test was wrong. Goddard did not have HIV after all. It was a false positive. Today, Goddard and his wife are back together, but they are furious. They want to know why the blood test was wrong. They want to know why the insurance company refused to retest Goddard and clear his medical record for six months – until Goddard provided three negative blood tests from his own doctor.

The Telegram & Gazette reported on December 5, 2007 that 45-year old Audrey Serrano still has not shaken off the impact of living for years convinced that the virus that causes AIDS was steadily wreaking havoc inside her body. Ms. Serrano filed a lawsuit against a doctor who treated her after she was misdiagnosed as HIV positive in. She said the powerful combination of drugs she took for almost nine years triggered a string of ailments, including depression, chronic fatigue, the loss of weight and appetite, and an inflammation of the intestine. On January 28, 2008, Lawyers USA reported that a jury awarded Ms. Serrano $2.5 million in damages. Based on the research conducted, it wouldn’t shock me if people draw the conclusion that AIDS is a collection of medical and political lies peddled around as actual Science by the medical and pharmaceutical cartel.

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Flights expected to flow smoothly during the holiday season

Inside the airport

Newscast Media — Over the holiday season, flights are expected to reach their destinations without any major interruptions or delays. At airports across the country, planes took off into windy but accommodating skies Thursday morning. Because Christmas and New Year’s are spread out, flights are expected to be up from last year, and passengers can expect less congestion, unlike Thanksgiving where everyone is traveling on the same day.

“We have a lot of folks who already may have taken off of work,” said Troy Green, a spokesman for AAA. “They may have arrived at their destination before today.”

The AAA has expected overall travel to rise about 3 percent this year, with more than 92 million people planning to go more than 50 miles sometime between now and Jan. 2. More than 90 percent said they would be driving.


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Skype users worldwide experience outage and apology

Skype phone service

Newscast Media — Users across the globe from as far as Japan, Europe and the US have experienced a major blackout with the popular Internet phone service Skype. Millions have reported their problems to Skype, the company that is known for providing an inexpensive way to communicate through video phone over the Internet.

“We take outages like this really seriously and apologize for the inconvenience users are having,” Tony Bates, Skype chief executive officer told the press.

“Right now it looks like clients are coming on and offline and sometimes they are crashing in the middle of calls. We are deep in the middle of investigating the cause of the problem and have teams working hard to remedy the situation,” Mr Bates said.

On Skype’s Twitter account, the company said their “engineers and site operations team are working non-stop to get things back to normal”.

Skype updates on Twitter

Mr Bates did not rule in or rule out the possibility of a malicious attack and said “all avenues” were being explored. He estimated that as a result of the outage, Skype has lost around 10 million calls.


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Deutsche Bank makes Department of Justice offer they can’t refuse

Deutsche Bank

Newscast Media — The Department of Justice received an offer from Deutsche Bank that has agreed to pay it $553.6 million to escape criminal charges and end an investigation into the bank’s sale of fraudulent tax shelters that cost the government billions in revenues. The office of a New York district attorney general confirmed that the Frankfurt-based bank admitted taking part “in financial transactions which furthered fraudulent tax shelters that generated billions of dollars in US tax losses.”

Deutsch Bank has now resolved the investigation related to its participation in various tax-oriented transactions for clients from approximately 1996 to 2002,” Deutsche Bank said in a statement. The figure represents the total fees Deutsche Bank earned from its participation in the fraud, tax revenues lost by US authorities and a $149 million fine.

An independent expert will now oversee the implementation of measures “designed to ensure that Deutsche Bank does not participate in future transactions that may be used to defraud the Internal Revenue Service,” the attorney general said.

Deutsche Bank said it was “pleased” the investigation was over, adding that the fine would not have any impact on its current net income, since it will come out of the bank’s reserves.


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Series of storms headed for California – state of emergency declared

California storms

Newscast Media LOS ANGELES, CA — Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency for several communities in southern California, after the state experienced flooding and mudslides. California is bracing for yet another round of flooding, thunderstorm and hail, in a series of predicted storms. Hundreds of people have been evacuated in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Forecasters said the storm could bring as much as 1in (2.5cm) of rain an hour.

Forecasters say southern California will be the hardest hit area, although they expect the storm to move into Arizona, Utah and Nevada on Wednesday as well. Some areas could expect up to 2in of rain per hour as thunderstorms move through the region, forecasters said. Steady rain began coming down late on Tuesday and is expected to strengthen. Heavy rains collapsed a hillside on a heavily user section of Interstate 10 early on Wednesday, covering three lanes near the city of Ponoma.

Flood warnings and emergency orders have also been put in place in Arizona, Nevada and Utah.


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Nuclear talks with U.S. and North Korea still face impasse

North Korea

Newscast Media PYONGYANG, North Korea –Unless North Korea shows it is willing to meet conditions on halting its nuclear facilities, the US has ruled out resuming any negotiations or talks with Pyongyang. North Korea has not responded, and the White House has described its actions as belligerent.

The White House’s remarks come after an unofficial visit to North Korea by Gov. Bill Richardson who said Pyongyang would re-open its facilities to UN inspectors. North Korea has not confirmed the offer nor has UN’s nuclear watchdog responded to Richardson’s statements. Richardson believes that the North’s gesture to allow international inspectors back in to its main nuclear complex, and its restraint in not retaliating for South Korean live-fire drills, could provide a basis for new six-party talks.

However, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the North was not “even remotely ready” for such talks.

“Right now the action must come not from their words, but from their deeds,” he said. We’re not going to get a table in a room and have six-party talks just for the feel-good notion of having six-party talks. The six-party talks will be restarted again when the North Koreans display a willingness to change their behavior,” Mr Gibbs said.

“We’re not going to get a table in a room and have six-party talks just for the feel-good notion of having six-party talks.”

Mr Gibbs said there were no plans for Mr Richardson to talk with the president following his unofficial trip to North Korea, which was made at Pyongyang’s invitation.


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The Media hypocrisy regarding Uganda anti-homosexuality bill

Uganda Parliament

Newscast Media KAMPALA, Uganda –There is a controversial bill in the Republic of Uganda that has caused several advocacy groups to brand Uganda as a homophobic nation because these groups allege that the bill would impose the death penalty for gays who are serial offenders and would give life imprisonment for touching someone of the same gender in a sexual way, or trying to seduce a straight person into gay sex.

The sponsors of the bill beg to differ with what they say is the media’s distortion of the bill. They say the death penalty is only applied to those who sodomize infants because in some African nations there are some who believe if someone has AIDS or is HIV positive and that person has sex with an infant (virgin) that person will get healed. So the practice of pedophilia is being discouraged because if someone with AIDS has sex with a young child, the child will eventually contract the disease and die. This article by the UK Independent details the grotesque practice of the virgin sex cure.There is also a very severe problem of human trafficking and sex trafficking that the government is confronted with. As a deterrent, the Ugandan bill inserted a clause that would make it a capital punishment to engage in such behavior. The law was already written in the books, it was simply amended to cover areas that were neglected at the time it was written.

Homosexuality is also considered a crime against nature because a culture that does not reproduce will end up becoming extinct, so this encourages the population to reproduce and replace the older dying generation with a younger one. One journalist said, “I think we should cut off their financial aid, until they drop the bill.” What this journalist doesn’t understand is that the west benefits from Africa more than Africa benefits from the west. With the rich minerals like copper, gold, silver, oil, uranium, limestone including the largest fresh-water lake in Africa, America knows that if they do not fill that vacuum, China will. In the next five to ten years, water will become the hottest commodity, so there are a lot of players who are willing to do business with Uganda if the west doesn’t.

Also the parents in Uganda are concerned that the United Nations has introduced literature and is spreading it in schools as a way to encourage homosexuality. According to the “Observer newspaper”, the government is investigating how 15,000 copies of a book called The Teenager’s Toolkit, found its way into schools. Michael Mubangizi of the Observer said the Uganda Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity, Dr. James Nsaba Buturo told the Observer that the UN agency had since apologized and offered to withdraw all copies of the book from circulation. The apology followed a meeting that UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund) held with three ministers; of Health, of Gender, Labor and Social Development as well as Buturo.

“We met them (UNICEF) and they expressed regret. They also agreed to withdraw the books and work with us in producing the right material,” Buturo said. The book, is specifically written for teenagers (between 15-19 years) and says that people with sexual feelings for people of the same sex are often unhappy because, “they do not understand their own feelings.”

The 120-page book reads on page 86: “Many people are sexually attracted to people of the same sex…we are born with these feelings about who we like sexually, and who we do not like sexually. It is natural.”

The book adds: “It is quite normal when you are growing up to fall in love with some one of your own sex. Homosexuality is okay where one is, forced to have sex with someone of the same sex because the other person is violent or because they need money or food.”

This kind of literature is troubling to a culture that feels foreigners from the United Nations are trying to thrust their beliefs upon and indoctrinating their children. The UN as indicated it regretted the approach it took in teaching Africans about homosexuality, but by the time they offered to withdraw the books, it was too late and parliament was forced to hold a special session to discuss the impending perceived threat.

One activist George Oundo shocked parents and the press when he publicly admitted in this confession, that he paid youths and recruited them in a program to teach them homosexuality.

Oundo asserted that he had been a renown gay and lesbian activist for five years and had operated under the umbrella group, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG). He said he had taken on the female role and his name was Georgina.

The media is not concerned with how many innocent orphans are killed to justify the practice nor does Amnesty International or the Human Rights Commission care about children who lose their lives, they seem to be more concerned about the rights of those who engage in such acts. Not once will you hear or have you heard the media defend the little children that are being raped. The act is acceptable in their eyes so they just wink at those who engage and practice such actions and human rights violations.

One has to look at the history of this small Christian nation to see why they find homosexuality abhorrent. This practice is considered taboo not just in Africa, but also in the entire Muslim world. It’s only in the west that the behavior is considered normal. I once heard a pundit on MSNBC publicly condemn an African dignitary because of this bill and suggested something to the effect that the west should sever ties with such a nation.

Of course this shows how hypocritical the media is when it comes to such issues. They pick and choose which countries to bully. Think about it, Saudi Arabia is one of the closest allies of the U.S. but even though the same act of homosexuality is punishable by (death) hanging, not just in Saudi Arabia but also in nations that honor Islam, you never hear anybody in the media condemning the “House of Saud” or saying the U.S. should sever ties with Saudi Arabia. You never hear any media practitioner condemning any other Arab country or Muslim leader for allowing this to happen. Which shows you the level of absurdity the media exhibits when handling such issues. You never see any media practitioner protesting at the United Nations in front of Arab leaders demanding that they stop hanging gays, nor will you ever hear or see gay organizations condemning Islam or Muslim countries for allowing this practice to continue. This shows that it is more of a political issue than a behavioral or cultural issue that the media is more concerned with.

In 1800s Uganda existed as the Kingdom of Buganda under King Mwanga II. The Baganda are the largest tribe that make up Uganda and are very, very proud people. Uganda currently has two ruling kings: King Ronald Mutebi of Buganda and King Oyo Rukidi of Toro who was the youngest king to be crowned at age 3. He is now 18 years old. During King Mwanga II’s reign, the European missionaries asked for permission to preach the gospel to the people of Buganda and neighboring kingdoms. Around that time the Africans worshipped many gods so when Bishop James Hannington came and preached the gospel, many accepted
the gospel and were committed to their new-found Christian faith. In the south of Uganda, the Germans were waging war in Tanzania (Tanganyika at the time) in an effort to colonize it, to the north, the Egyptians had also launched their invasion, and now King Mwanga II hadto deal with the suspicion that the white missionaries were in his kingdom as double-agents.

On October 29, 1885, King Mwanga had Bishop James Hannington murdered, because his subjects had embraced another religion introduced by the white missionary. The death of Hannington strengthened the resolve of the Baganda Christian converts who refused to be part-takers of the hedonism of their day. The King demanded that they denounce their faith but they refused. This was unheard of! The King’s word was law, but even the lowest of his subjects refused to be corrupted. One of the courtiers was Joseph Mukasa who condemned the King for his actions, when he heard that Bishop Hannington was killed for preaching.

Angry at Joseph Mukasa’s condemnation, the king ordered his execution. Joseph Mukasa knew he was going to die and refused to be shackled. “Why bind me? Do you think I shall flee? Flee where, to God? A Christian who gives his life for God is not afraid to die,” Joseph said. The executioner took pity on him and before he was burnt alive, he cut off Joseph’s head. But before he died Joseph said to the executioner, “Tell Mwanga this — I forgive him for killing me without cause, but he must change his life. Otherwise I shall speak against him at God’s tribunal.”

On hearing this, Mwanga the king panicked and got very scared, so in an attempt to confuse God, King Mwanga II killed a servant and mixed his ashes with those of Joseph so that God would not be able to recognize Joseph, and talk against the king at God’s tribunal. Of course Mwanga failed to realize that it is the soul that departs the body, when one loses one’s life. Joseph Mukasa Balikuddembe (which means “man of peace”) was put to death near a river on November 15, 1885 and became the first Ugandan Catholic martyr.

The King then proceeded to kill 44 other martyrs, 22 of whom were Catholic and declared “Blessed” by Pope Benedict XV in 1920. On October 18, 1964 they were canonized by Pope Paul VI during the Vatican II conference and are now recognized by the universal church as being worthy of being honored as Saints. This was a first for modern Africa and a source of pride throughout the continent.

This background explains why Ugandans are steadfast in their cultural beliefs and faith, and what journalists and the media do not understand is that you cannot argue your case among a people who have a history of dying for what they consider virtuous because it is engraved upon their hearts. In the 1800s they stood up to the tyrannical King and refused to be part of what they considered hedonistic, and they were castrated, beheaded and burnt alive, some were even fed to hungry dogs, do you really think a journalist or media practitioner with a microphone can make them nervous?

In America alone, homosexuality is a death sentence if you are at the wrong place at the wrong time. According to Amnesty International there are 83 nations that condemn homosexuality, so Uganda is not an aberration since other countries with such laws exist. Not a single person, according to our research, has been killed in Uganda for homosexuality. Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates are among them but you don’t hear the media or gays protesting against these countries and the reason is because they are Islamic nations, and media together with gay advocates won’t touch anything that might be offensive to Muslims. That’s where they lose all their credibility.

Most Muslim countries invoke Sharia Law to punish such crimes and according to H.A.R. Gibb in Mohammedanism, An Historical Survey, in the Sharia courts, “Law is not a product of human intelligence and adaptation to changing social needs, but of divine inspiration, which makes it immutable.”

The way to argue this is not to attack a nation’s culture and impose a foreign culture upon it using threats, otherwise foreigners will just be dismissed as colonialists since Uganda gained its independence not too long ago in 1962. The way to do it is to actually go there and live in that culture for a while; learn the language and their way of life. Once you have assimilated, argue from a point of view of someone offering solutions that can create a win-win situation.

New Vision
The Vatican
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Mohammedanism A Historical Survey
Uganda Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity


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Feminist group NOW targets beautiful Hooters waitresses for corrupting youth

Hooters waitresses in Houston at the Guy Expo

Newscast Media SAN FRANSISCO, CA– The feminist group National Organization of Women, California chapter, is targeting Hooters of America Inc. for having a bad influence on youngsters. It’s about the children, NOW claims. California has 24 Hooters restaurants who hire women in their 20s, and the criteria is that the girls should be beautiful and well endowed.

The Atlanta-based company says the Hooters girls exude “natural female sex appeal.” And, as its website says, “Sex appeal is legal, and it sells.”

The company admits that 10 percent of the parties they cater to have children attending them. However, says Hooters can’t have it both ways. She noted that in California both state law and many city ordinances forbid strip clubs, X-rated video parlors and similar establishments from admitting kids.

NOW president Patricia Bellasalma

And so, NOW said it filed written complaints with district attorneys in three California counties demanding a probe of Hooters because of its asserted “sexual entertainment of minors.”

A couple of complaint letters were headed in the direction of Kamala Harris, San Francisco district attorney and attorney general elect whom feminist groups including an early endorsement from now helped get elected to office. Other complaints were filed, or planned, in Sacramento, Orange and San Mateo counties.

When it comes to Hooters, “I have issues on many levels,” Bellasalma said.

Bellasalma says Hooters is marketing to kids, selling T-shirts with slogans like “Hooters Girls Dig Me” and “Future Hooters Girl” in children’s sizes. Apparently NOW finds those slogans extremely offensive to children.

It’s ironic that NOW claims to be an advocate for women’s rights yet in October 2010 this same Patty Bellasalma endorsed Jerry Brown for California governor after his staffer called Meg Whitman a whore. She then said that while calling Whitman a “whore” was a poor choice of words, the description was accurate.

University of Virginia professor and political analyst Larry Sabado concluded, “Hypocrisy is never pretty, though it is the lifeblood of politics.”


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Hospital hires beautiful fake nurse-models to entice men

UMass Healthcare investigation

Newscast Media CONCORD, N.H.– New Hampshire’s attorney general Michael Delaney has launched an investigation into UMass Memorial Health Care over “suspect marketing and billing practices”, authorities said. The hospital’s bone marrow registry is accused of paying an agency up to $50,000 a week for models to visit shopping centers, flirt with passing male customers and entice them into having cheek swabs taken.

“Their activity was described as very flirtatious. They would attempt to bring in especially younger men. There was some indication they were handing out their phone numbers,” New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General Jim Boffetti said.

The models, who were in their 20s, allegedly told the men the tests would barely cost anything, before billing them an average of $4,300 each via their health insurance – about 40 times more than the typical cost.

“Consumers who are approaching the Caitlyn Raymond kiosks are being told that the process will cost you nothing, yet we have uncovered that it is impacting those consumers that have health reimbursement accounts,” Delaney said.

For 18 months, they were instructed how to dress and how to behave in an attempt to entice men into having swabs taken, officials said.

“Picture this,” Mr Delaney said. “The modeling agency sends photographs to the marketing director at UMass for personal selection of models to go recruit donors to save people’s lives. It’s unbelievable.”

The company said it had used models “to help acquaint the public on how they can contribute to this lifesaving effort”, but had since stopped sending them to kiosks in shopping centers.

In a statement, the hospital group said: “Every potential donor is provided with a donor consent form that explains that his or her insurance company may be billed”. It added that the company “has reviewed its billing practices for this test and confirmed to its best knowledge that it is appropriately paid”.

Department of Justice NH


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Student who conned his way into Harvard pleads guilty

Adam Wheeler

Newscast Media –A former student who conned his way into Harvard University by forging test scores, plagiarizing essays and writing fake letters of recommendation, has been given a ten-year probationary sentence.

Adam Wheeler, 24, earlier pleaded to multiple counts of larceny, identity fraud, and other charges. He was also ordered to pay back $45,806 to Harvard for the prize money, grants, and financial aid he received by weaving an intricate web of lies to get into the Boston school.

According to the Boston Globe, Harvard began investigating Wheeler after a professor who was reviewing his application for a Rhodes and Fulbright Scholarship realized he had plagiarized another student’s work.

The university discovered Wheeler had forged his Harvard transcript to make himself a straight-A student for his scholarship application.

In court, Wheeler told judge Diane Kottmyer: “I’m ashamed and embarrassed by what I’ve done. As much as possible, I want to put this behind me and move forward.

“I’m sorry for causing embarrassment and emotional upheaval for the people who knew and worked with me and believed in my ability to succeed.”

In addition to the $45,806 he has to pay back, Wheeler has been ordered to stay away from Harvard and other institutions he defrauded, as well as from the professors whose signatures he forged on false letters of recommendation.


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Schools are embracing sexual predators as teachers and employees

Pupils in class

Newscast Media –We’ve all heard the cliche, “Nice guys finish last,” at least in the education sector, that seems to be very true. Schools are now hiring sexual offenders as school teachers and employees, and when these predators abuse little children as young as kindergartners, they simply get a slap on their wrist. All this information has been published in a new government report.

Even in an environment that attracts sexual predators, one would think that schools would take background checks and police reports seriously, but that isn’t necessarily true. In 15 cases where schools hired people with a history of sexual misconduct, 11 abused children and in six instances, the sex offenders used their new jobs to abuse more children, the Government Accountability Office report stated.

The report shows that 232 child molesters claimed they abused 17,000 victims, sometimes never being caught. There are law abiding teachers with high standards and values who cannot get jobs because they have squeaky clean backgrounds, yet these schools won’t hesitate to hire people with questionable and tainted backgrounds.

The psychological explanation is that those who tend to uphold certain standards and pursue excellence in their endeavors, whether it is in the business sector, education or even law enforcement, create an atmosphere where the mediocre by-standers feel pressured to step up their game. This happens through impartation. When those in positions of authority are comfortable with the status quo, they don’t want to be challenged to evolve, so they tend to frown upon those who pursue excellence.

However, when an individual has blemishes and questionable character, for some strange reason such individuals tend to be favored over those who play by the rules. This is because it empowers those in authority to know that these individuals have known weaknesses, which makes them feel better about themselves, knowing that they are in the company of others who have much greater weaknesses than themselves, and are prone to being manipulated or exploited by those very same people in authority.

Two people can commit the same crime. One could be a career criminal, while the other has committed the crime for the first time, yet the habitual criminal gets winked at, and the first-timer is severely punished. All you have to do is take a look at Wesley Snipes and Charlie Rangel. Both didn’t pay taxes, yet one went to jail, and the other who committed a more serious crime got to keep his job in Washington and no jail time.

With examples like the ones below, one has to question the judgment and state of mind of those in authority who oversee the employees involved in the incidents that were uncovered and published in the report. The study found:

A Connecticut public school district compelled a teacher to resign after he accessed pornography on a school computer. Although the school district reported the abuse to child protective services, a district administrator told another Connecticut school seeking a reference that they would rehire the teacher “without reservation.” A second Connecticut school district also compelled him to resign, but his separation specifically directed all inquiries from future employers to the superintendent and agreed that he would provide a letter of recommendation. This school district also provided him with positive
references. He was eventually hired by a third Connecticut school district, where he was convicted of sexually assaulting two students.

An Ohio teacher forced to resign a previous job for “inappropriate” conduct with
female students was called an “outstanding teacher” by the school superintendent and was later hired in a nearby district where he was convicted of sexual battery of a sixth-grade girl.

A registered sex offender in Texas was hired by several schools in Louisiana. He is currently wanted by police for having “sexual conversations with a student.”

An Arizona school’s rush to fill an opening resulted in skipping a criminal check of a teacher convicted of sexually abusing a child. The teacher was later convicted for having sexual contact with a student and had videos of nude, underage girls in his possession.

A Florida public school allowed an individual who was convicted of having sex with an underage male to work as a volunteer coach without a criminal history check, even though school policy provided that volunteers would be subject to such checks. He was eventually arrested for having sexual contact with a student on one of the school’s sports teams. The list goes on in this 44 page government report.

The study found no federal laws regulating the employment of sex offenders in public or private schools and widely divergent laws at the state level, especially with regard to requirements and methods for conducting criminal history checks on employees.


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Muslims implore newly-elected Congresswoman to make truce

Newscast Media — The relatively unknown Rep-elect Renee Ellmers (R-NC) catapulted her way to victory after she challenged incumbent Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-NC) to condemn the Ground Zero mosque plans and he refused. She then took out an ad that caught the attention of her Muslim constituents. Here’s what the ad says:

“After the Muslims conquered Jerusalem and Cordoba and Constantinople, they built victory mosques… and, now, they want to build a mosque by Ground Zero. Where does Bob Etheridge stand? He won’t say. Won’t speak out. Won’t take a stand. The terrorists haven’t won and we should tell them in plain English, No. There will never be a mosque at Ground Zero. I’m Renee Ellmers and I approve this ad.”

Even though her Muslim constituents were offended by the ad, after her victory over Etheridge, the Muslims reached out to her to make amends, but their efforts have been fruitless so far.

“I’ve called her office three times,” said Khalilah Sabra, executive director of the state chapter of the Muslim American Society’s immigrant justice project. “We’d like to know where she stands and what her intentions are with regard to the Muslim community.”

Members of the Muslim American Public Affairs Council, a Raleigh group that has successfully reached out to other members of North Carolina’s congressional delegation, said Ellmers will be invited to the group’s yearly dinner March 19. In years past, congressmen Brad Miller and David Price have attended, as have state lawmakers, mayors and law enforcement officers.

Mohammad Elgamal, chairman of the group’s executive committee, said he wrote Ellmers shortly after the mosque TV ad aired. He never heard back. But he’s not yet discouraged. “I know people say things in the campaign, but they don’t mean it,” Elgamal said. “Personally, I’m willing to work with her.”

It remains to be seen if Ellmers will take the olive branch being extended to her by the Muslim community.


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FDA cracks down on nutrition industry for tainted dietary supplements

FDA agent displaying fake dietary supplements

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — Manufacturers of nutritional products across America were targeted on Dec. 15, 2010, by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in an effort aimed at keeping consumers safe from harmful products that are marketed as dietary supplements and that contain undeclared or deceptively labeled ingredients. The FDA has found that these products are often promoted for weight loss, sexual enhancement, and bodybuilding.

This action might have a cross-over effect for those who sell edible products online. The implication of this is that even those who sell legitimate products online that are organic, like emergency food supplies, freeze dried meals, heirloom seeds for people to grow their own gardens and so forth, may soon be under the microscope or required to get FDA approval before they can sell foods online that are pre-packaged for emergency purposes. Right now the FDA is only focused on dietary supplements, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they shift their focus to others in the food industry.

The new steps FDA has taken include:
* A letter from Commissioner of Food and Drugs Margaret A. Hamburg to the
dietary supplement industry emphasizing its legal obligation and
responsibilities to prevent tainted products from reaching the U.S. market.
* A new rapid public notification system6 (RSS Feed) on its website to more
quickly warn consumers about these products.
* A mechanism for industry to alert FDA about potentially tainted products
and about the firms that make them.

Among the substances found in products that are marketed as dietary supplements and that contain hidden or deceptively labeled ingredients are
* the active ingredients in FDA-approved drugs or their analogs
(closely-related drugs).
* other compounds, such as novel synthetic steroids, that do not qualify as
dietary ingredients.

Where FDA investigations have discovered tainted products marketed as dietary supplements, the agency has issued warning letters and conducted seizures and criminal prosecutions.

FDA has also alerted consumers to hundreds of products with these often deceptively labeled and harmful ingredients, including more than 80 products marketed for sexual enhancement, more than 70 products marketed for weight loss, and more than 80 products marketed for bodybuilding. Michael Levy, director of FDA’s Division of New Drugs and Labeling Compliance, says labeling of these tainted products may claim that they are “alternatives” to FDA-approved drugs, or “legal” alternatives to anabolic steroids.

“Consumers should avoid products marketed as supplements that claim to have effects similar to prescription drugs,” Levy says. “Consumers should also be wary of products with labeling only in a foreign language or that are marketed through mass e-mails.”

The FDA has enlisted the support of five industry trade associations and is in the process of issuing warning letters to manufacturers and distributors. It’s warning that companies that sell and market tainted dietary supplements will face product seizures, injunctions and criminal prosecution. Sexual enhancement, weight loss and bodybuilding products are the most common supplements to contain illegal, deceptive or undeclared products, notes the FDA.

“The labelling of these tainted products may claim that they are ‘alternatives’ to FDA-approved drugs, or ‘legal’ alternatives to anabolic steroids,” notes the FDA’s director of drug evaluation and research, Michael Levy. The FDA move is applauded by Consumers Union, the organization the publishes the Consumer Reports.

“Tainted dietary supplements can send you to the hospital or kill you,” said Ellen Bloom, senior director of policy at Consumers Union.

“The FDA should be commended for prioritizing this issue and alerting consumers about dangerous supplements. Unfortunately the challenge is that more dangerous products keep popping up.”

In all, consumers should heed these potential warning signs of tainted products marketed as dietary supplements.
* Products claiming to be alternatives to FDA-approved drugs or to have
effects similar to prescription drugs.
* Products claiming to be a legal alternative to anabolic steroids.
* Products that are marketed primarily in a foreign language or those that are
marketed through mass e-mails.
* Sexual enhancement products promising rapid effects such as working in
minutes to hours, or long-lasting effects such as 24 hours to 72 hours.
* Products that provide warnings about testing positive in performance
enhancement drug tests.

Generally, if you are using or considering using any product marketed as a dietary supplement, FDA suggests that you
* check with your health care professional or a registered dietician on any
nutrients you may need in addition to your regular diet
* ask yourself: Does it sound too good to be true?
* Be cautious if the claims for the product seem exaggerated or
* Watch out for extreme claims—for example, “quick and effective,”
“cure-all;” “can treat or cure diseases; or “totally safe”
* Be skeptical about anecdotal information from personal “testimonials”
about incredible benefits or results obtained from using a product
* ask your health care professional for help distinguishing between reliable
and questionable information.


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US Air Force blocks media outlets that carried leaks

Air Force

Newscast Media — At least 25 websites that published leaked documents released by WikiLeaks will not be accessible through The US Air Force computer network, a spokeswoman for the armed forces said. Major Toni Tones, a spokesperson at Air Force Space Command in Colorado, said on Tuesday that the websites that carried WikiLeaks documents had been blocked and could not be viewed by any Air Force computer.

“The Air Force routinely blocks Air Force network access to websites hosting inappropriate materials or malware and this includes any website that hosts classified materials and those that are released by WikiLeaks,” Tones said.

She said the action was taken by the 24th Air Force, which is commanded by Major Generral Richard Webber and is responsible for cyber warfare and computer security for the service. The move was approved by Air Force lawyers, she said.

“If a site has republished the documents, then we block it,” she said, adding that the move to prevent access to the media sites was done recently. She said she was not sure of the date. Tones said The New York Times is the only major US newspaper included in the ban. Others media sites include Der Spiegel in Germany, the Guardian in Britain and Le Monde in France.

The White House formally reminded all federal employees and government contractors that anyone without a security clearance is not permitted to read classified documents, such as the diplomatic messages published by WikiLeaks, even on a personal computer at home outside work hours.


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Texas AG to escalate case against Obama’s health care bill

Greg Abbott Texas Attorney General

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — The controversial health care bill that expands the federal government’s role in health care is being met with more resistance by Texas and 20 other states, including Florida, that have signed on to the lawsuit filed in Pensacola to overturn it. Should the cases hit a snag in U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson’s courtroom this Thursday, escalation to the Supreme Court is expected.

The states that filed the lawsuits argue that forcing people to have health coverage is unconstitutional, and that the health care law violates state’s rights guaranteed in the Constitution by imposing massive forced spending for expanded health programs. Despite being pressured by the Justice Department to dismiss the bulk of the Florida lawsuit, Vinson has stood his ground and refused to grant them their requests.

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson, responding to a suit brought by Virginia Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, struck down a provision in the health care act requiring people to carry a minimum amount of health care coverage whether they choose to or not. Without the provision and the revenue it would generate, the rest of the plan would collapse.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who was among the first to sign on to the legal challenge to the health care act, said, “There are limits to congressional power, and Congress has overstepped its limits here by forcing Americans to purchase health insurance, even against their will. No public policy goal, no matter how important or well-intentioned, can be allowed to trample the protections and rights guaranteed by our Constitution.”


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Muslims Beat And Burn Preacher Alive – He Survives

Sargodha, Pakistan

Newscast Media SARGODHA, Pakistan — A preacher who was distributing pamphlets and proclaiming Christ door-to-door was attacked by six Muslim youths who beat him up with clubs and set him ablaze in a village near the Punjab Province city, sources report.

Rev. Wilson Augustine, 26, was found by area Christians unconscious with burns on his head, hand and arm on Nov. 22 near a bus stop on the outskirts of Sargodha.

Christian elders Austin Masih and Nadeem Samuel of nearby villages said that Augustine, who was ordained in a small Presbyterian church was distributing pamphlets and proclaiming Christ door-to-door the previous day among Christian families kilometers (15 miles) southeast of Sargodha. It was there that sons of a powerful local landlord saw one of the pamphlets.

“This angered the Muslim men, and they ordered Augustine to leave the village at once and stop preaching the the gospel in their village immediately, or face the consequences,” Masih said.

The Muslim men interpreted a verse pointing to the resurrection of Christ as derogatory to Muhammad their prophet. Augustine told the media, “I went to other villages to preach the gospel, but those Muslim men kept pursuing me everywhere I went, as they harbored a grudge against me for imparting the good news of the Holy Bible.”

According to journalists from Compass, he identified the six as Muhammad Usman Ghani, Muhammad Taha Khan, Talha Mehmood, Nisar Warriach, Zareen Cheema and Jamshaid Ali Ansari. After Augustine finished preaching he went to catch a bus and on his way he saw men on three motorcycles who started yelling obscenities at him. He recognized the men who then beat him up with clubs and belts, threw him in a cold fluid, and lit a match, essentially setting him on fire.

“After setting me on fire, they started thrashing me again,” he said. “Because they were beating me with clubs the fire was extinguished, and they dragged me to some nearby shrubs. As they were dragging me I blanked out, and when I reopened my eyes, I was in the DHQ (District Headquarters Hospital) in Sargodha.

Christian laborers on their way to work the next morning said they found a pack of dogs wandering near the shrubs of the Village No. 101-NB bus stop, and as they followed them they found a hymnal, a Bible and the scattered, blood-stained pamphlets and bag that Augustine had carried while visiting their homes. Two of the Christians, Binyamin Masih of Village No. 101-NB and Nadeem Samuel of Village 79-NB, continued searching with dread that they would find Augustine, they said.

Samuel said that as he went deeper into the shrubbery he found Augustine lying with torn clothes in dried blood. They rushed him to the hospital and informed his family. At DHQ Hospital Sargodha, Dr. Sikander Hayat Warriach said that the preacher was brought to the burn unit in critical condition, but that after four days of treatment he was discharged.


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Indian Diplomat’s Turban Causes Stir At Houston Texas Airport

Hardeep Singh Puri

Newscast Media NEW DEHLI , India — Last year’s attempt of the underwear bomber to smuggle and
detonate explosives aboard a plane has created an environment in airports across the country that many travelers view as an infringement on their civil rights. Some travelers in particular appear to be targets especially those of Middle Eastern persuasion, or some with no affiliation with Islam like Sikh men who wear turbans, but are actually Hindu not Muslim.

The Hindu press reported today that a few weeks ago in Houston, Texas airport security detained India’s UN envoy Hardeep Puri, for about half an hour and his crime was wearing a turban. As a Sikh, Puri’s tradition requires him to cover his head in public at all times. The turban is not permitted to be touched and is a symbol of piety and self-respect.

This however, did not stop airport officials from asking Puri to remove his turban during a security check at Houston Airport two weeks back, sources said.

Singh manned-up to airport officials and said, “No, you cannot check my turban. I will not allow you to touch my turban.”

He offered to touch the turban himself and said the officials had no right to touch his turban. He then cited TSA regulations in search of foreign diplomats.

“Obviously you don’t know your own rules,” he told a security agent. The agent insisted that he had to touch. “Don’t tell me the rules,” the security agent replied.

Surprisingly, when the security agents checked the rules, the Indian diplomat was correct, and they humbly apologized to the Indian ambassador. The country has lodged an official protest with US authorities through its Consulate General in Houston, sources said in New Delhi.

“I have taken it up with the US authorities and the matter is at that stage. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton has also give an indication to the fact that they have to revisit some of these procedures, particularly with reference to diplomatic cover of other countries,” external affairs minister S M Krishna said in New Delhi when asked about these searches.


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Google Zeitgeist 2010 releases top searches for the year

Newscast Media– Google has released the top searches for 2010, the results having been compiled by Google Zeitgeist: How the world is searched, which is a year-end aggregation of billions of search queries by Web users. Among the searches included were natural disasters, celebrities, sports and even love. The iPad and iPhone were the most popular searches in electronics, while Haiti is the fastest rising search in both news and humanitarian aid categories.

To view the complete list click Google Zeitgeist: How the world is searched.


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House churches in China facing crackdown after being labeled cults

Christian Chinese

Newscast Media BEIJING CHINA– Christians in China are under attack, particularly those who belong to China’s huge network of unregistered house churches, that are being referred to as a “cult” since they are one of the fastest growing populations of Christians in the world.

Sources from ChinaAid operatives from the Chinese Communist Party launched what is dubbed “Operation Deterrence” that went into effect on Dec. 1.

“CCP Central Committee for Comprehensive Management of Social order,” the foot soldiers of China’s security apparatus, have been told to collect information about house churches throughout the country and turn these reports in to their superiors. A long “blacklist” of church leaders and influential believers has also reportedly been drawn up.

ChinaAid said earlier and sketchier reports had described “Operation Deterrence” as a broader crackdown on human rights defenders and activists during which 20 rights defenders were to be arrested and sentenced. The action was timed to coincide with the Dec.10 award ceremony for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.

A dictionary definition describes a cult as “a religion or sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist, with members often living outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader.”

ChinaAid said labeling Chinese house churches as a cult could have serious implications, and represents a major step backwards in the thawing of relations in recent years between the Beijing regime and the house church network.

Once Chinese authorities have given a person or a group a negative label of any kind, it is almost impossible to do away with that designation. ChinaAid commented that the Beijing regime seldom admits a mistake or reverses its decisions, and even on the rare occasions that it does, negative public sentiment lingers. It can impact an individual or group for years, detrimentally impacting a person’s ability to find or keep a job, for example.

In the case of the Chinese house churches, ChinaAid said , being labeled a cult could stop the progress that has been made in recent years toward winning official acknowledgment of their existence, the right to register and operate like any other citizens group in China, and an end to official religious persecution.

Source: ChinaAid


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Middle East impasse frustrates Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Newscast Media HOUSTON, TX — Despite the frustrating setback to Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton insisted that the US would continue to push for progress. She vowed to promote indirect talks on “core issues” including borders, settlements, refugees and Jerusalem.

She was making her first comments on the deadlock since Washington said it had abandoned efforts to persuade Israel to stop the construction of new Jewish settlements – something which the Palestinians are insisting on before direct talks can progress.

“Like many of you, I am frustrated that we have not gotten farther, faster,” Ms Clinton said in a speech at the Saban Forum, a Middle East policy seminar sponsored by the Brookings Institution think tank.

Stressing that a negotiated solution remained the only way forward, she said the US would resume the role of broker, opening talks with both parties on vital issues

“We will push the parties to lay out their positions on the core issues without delay, in good faith, and with real specificity,” she said.

Ms Clinton’s speech was the first Middle East policy address following the US’s
abandoning its efforts to persuade Israel to halt construction of Jewish
settlements in the West Bank.


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