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WikiLeaks expose is a conspiracy by the US says Iran’s Ahmadinejad

Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Newscast Media — Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, takes the recent expose by WikiLeaks with a grain of salt, and says that the revelations are a disinformation campaign engineered by Washington whose sole purpose is to destabilize the Middle East. Ahmadinejad suggested that WikiLeaks was an American tool to sow seeds of misinformation around the world.

“Let me first correct you. The material was not leaked, but rather released in an organized way,” said Mr Ahmadinejad. “We don’t give any value to these documents. It’s without legal value. Iran and regional states are friends. Such acts of mischief have no impact on relations between nations,” Ahmadinejad said.

WikiLeaks reported that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia urged America to cut the head of the snake, while the leaders of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates also urged a military solution.

However, Khaled al-Dakhil, a Saudi security expert said Iran should take the revelations as a warning that its neighbors were exhausted by its aggressive foreign policy.

“I don’t think Iran takes at face value public declarations coming from the Gulf, whether for a war or not – just as Gulf leaders do not believe declarations about how peaceful the Iranian nuclear program is,” he said.

WikiLeaks founder who has both Swedish and Australian citizenship is living in an undisclosed location in London.

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WikiLeaks gunning for major U.S. bank in next wave of leaks

WikiLeaks to target major US bank

Newscast Media — In an interview with Forbes magazine, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said that he plans to release tens of thousands of documents relating to a major U.S financial institution, comparable to the Enron trial. He referred to it as “an ecosystem of corruption” and confirmed that the expose would be about a big U.S. bank.

“It will give a true and representative insight into how banks behave at the executive level in a way that will stimulate investigations and reforms, I presume,” he promised.

Assange justified the future havoc he will wreak with his philosophy that leaking the information will mean good business for people who embrace ethical business practices and treat their employees well.

“Let’s say you want to run a good company,” he said. “It’s nice to have an ethical workplace. Your employees are much less likely to screw you over if they’re not screwing other people over.”

The mega leaks he said would come at the beginning of 2011.
You may read the entire transcript on here:

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Bush to be interviewed at Saddleback by Rick Warren

Rick Warren and George W. Bush

Newscast Media — Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in California will be interviewing former president George W. Bush and will focus the interview on service and leadership.

“The forum will include a personal conversation between Pastor Rick and President Bush,” David Chrzan, Warren’s chief of staff, told The Orange County Register. “The goal is to create a forum where the community around Saddleback Church can hear from speakers who are great leaders and those who have positively impacted humanity.”

Bush’s visit to Warren’s megachurch on Monday comes in the middle of the renowned pastor’s “Decade of Destiny” campaign. Since last month, Warren has been positioning the 30-year-old church for a decade of expansion, enhanced operations and blessings.

The upcoming civil forum at Saddleback can be viewed live at (

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Sarah Palin strikes back at the media

Newscast Media HOUSTON, TX — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has locked horns with the media ever since she was introduced into the public arena. Media practitioners are always second-guessing what she says or means and in the video above, Palin expresses her disappointment in the disinformation campaign orchestrated by the media against her.

She recently caught flack for a slip-up when she said “North Korea” instead of “South Korea” and quickly corrected herself saying, “Our South Korean allies.” However, the media was unforgiving about the error, which prompted Palin to write on her Facebook wall reminding the media that Obama has slipped-up too when he said “57 states” instead of “50 states.”

There are a lot more disinformation agents she will have to deal with should she run for president, so it’s appropriate for the former governor to strike back, since she too has a large media platform on FOX News and in the alternative media.

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Homeland Security to lose color-coded terror threat alert system

DHS Color Coded Terrorism Alert System

Newscast Media WASHINGTON – After eight years of existence, The Department of Homeland Security will consider losing its color-code terrorism threat alert system. After the 9/11 attacks, the Bush administration invented the system ranging from severe red, to safe green.

“The goal is to replace a system that communicates nothing with a partnership approach with law enforcement, the private sector and the American public that provides specific, actionable information based on the latest intelligence,” said a senior Homeland Security Department official.

Amy Kudwa, a spokesperson for Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said, “I am unable to characterize the content of recommendations under review. We are committed to providing specific, actionable information based on the latest intelligence; when we make changes to the Homeland Security Advisory System, we will do so with this partnership approach in mind.”

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FCC Considering Updating 911 System To Accept Texts and Video

911 system to accept texts

Newscast Media VIRGINIA BEACH, VA — Julius Genachowski, th Federal Communication Commission (FCC) chairman is considering updating the 911 emergency call system to accept photo, text and video messages. The current system accepts phone calls but not the communication tools for tomorrow, he said.

The FCC said the Virginia Tech massacre was an incident when 911 multimedia technology could have been employed. Thirty-two people were left dead after a student opened fire on the Virginia Tech university campus in 2007.

“Some students and witnesses tried to text 911 during that emergency and as we know, those messages never went through and were never received by local 911 dispatchers,” Mr Genachowski said.

But those multimedia messages may soon be answered due to broadband-enabled Next Generation 911, Mr Genachowski said, in a speech at the Arlington County Emergency Center in Virginia.

“Even though mobile phones are the device of choice for most 911 callers, and we primarily use our phones to text, right now, you can’t text 911. It’s time to bring 911 into the digital age.”

Changes to modernize the current system would require a vote from the FCC.

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Ten Commandments bill introduced by Texas Senator

Ten Commandments

Newscast Media AUSTIN, TX — A bill that would allow state teachers to display the Ten Commandments in the classroom is being sponsored by Texas State Rep. Dan Flynn. Flynn filed a bill stating the school board trustees may not prevent teachers from prominently posting copies of the commandments in their classrooms, which pays homage to America’s Judeo-Christian roots.

“For too long, we’ve forsaken what our Judeo-Christian heritage has been. Our rights do come from God, not from government,” Flynn said.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that religious symbols and wording can be displayed publicly as long as it can be proved that the motivation for doing so is secular. The ruling, a green light to some, has been used to take down displays in some states.

It is Flynn’s belief that that the Ten Commandments are a display of patriotism as much as it is a display of religion. He also believes it is a sign of morality. “And anything that helps build the morals of our young people would be helpful,” he stated.

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Mitt Romney Answers Questions About Religious Faith Issue

Newscast Media HOUSTON, TX — Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney explains why voters should not elect or reject candidates for office based on their religious faith. In 2008 Romney’s religious faith was raised, and now, there is a consensus that he has successfully put that issue to rest once and for all. There is no doubt that Romney will be running again for the presidency, but he has said the announcement will not come until after February 2011.

The issue now, that will plague Romney during his run for the presidency will not be his faith, it will be Romneycare. Because of how unpopular Obamacare is with Americans, I suspect that Romney’s healthcare plan will be used against him in 2011-2012, even though he has been all over the news networks explaining that his healthcare proposal and Obamacare are totally different. However, that will not deter his opponents from tying him to Obamacare the way John McCain was tied to the Bush policies.

Just as Romney addressed the “faith issue” he is going to have to address his “healthcare issue” before it turns into an avalanche he has no control over. Not diffusing it would give his opponents ammunition to use against him in the primaries.

Let’s just say for argument’s sake, or illustrative purposes, he manages to win the primaries, it will still not go away. Barack Obama has, on occasion, equated Obamacare to Romneycare, and in order to diffuse any argument that Romney might raise about Obamacare, Obama will attempt to tie his healthcare plan to Romney’s in an effort to prevent Romney or others in his campaign from condemning Obamacare.

I have imagined a make-believe debate between the two politicians sitting in a pub, regarding each other’s healthcare plans, and here is how I suspect their verbal tug-of-war would unfold:

Fictitious Debate Between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama On Healthcare:

ROMNEY: As an opponent of your healthcare plan Mr. President, I recently heard
you spreading a message around to the public, that Romneycare and Obamacare
are the same. If that were true, then why do you think I am a big advocate of
repealing Obamacare?

OBAMA: My esteemed colleague, it baffles me that you advocate against my
healthcare plan yet both our plans are very much alike. I presented this very plan
you oppose, to voters back in 2008, and they elected me president.

ROMNEY: If you continue along this path, history will not be kind to your

OBAMA: Since Truth is the daughter of Time, I believe eventually, Historians will
find a way of correcting any inaccuracies about my presidency.

ROMNEY: You speak of truth, yet even your very own supporters burn with fury
over your broken promises.

OBAMA: I simply rearranged the nation’s priorities and to the casual observer, this
rearrangement might manifest itself as broken promises and so forth.

ROMNEY: There are several practical solutions to our current economic crisis that
are manifested in my book No Apology. If you read it, you might learn something.

OBAMA: What’s the use of penning words in a book, if you don’t implement solid
and permanent solutions?

ROMNEY: May I remind you that words, are more permanent than bronze.

OBAMA: But even if I read the words in your book and applied your solutions, you
would still run against me in 2012.

ROMNEY: That’s because a true warrior has the ability to decode the pulse of a
nation. Had you followed the principles I outlined, it wouldn’t have cost you the
House of Representatives and seats in the Senate.

OBAMA: The cost of people losing lives due to lack of healthcare outweighs the
cost of losing a few seats here and there.

ROMNEY: Rather than admit seats were lost due to a mass awakening by the
voters, you recently attributed your loss to ineffective delivery of your message.

OBAMA: I used the same license that poets and madmen use in delivering their
messages to the masses.

ROMNEY: But even poets and madmen exercise a certain level of restraint to
prevent massive blow-back from the public.

OBAMA: In public office, sometimes it is necessary to play by the exceptions and
not the rules.

ROMNEY: Well, I find your reasoning to be faulty and exceptionally absurd.

OBAMA: You’ll be surprised as to how many people are willing to entertain such
absurdities, my friend.

ROMNEY: Is that why you’ve plunged the economy into the deepest deficit in the
history of our nation?

OBAMA: That’s plausible, but deniable.

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PHOTOS: Moody Gardens Annual Holiday Festival Of Lights

Moody Gardens Annual Holiday Festival Of Lights

Newscast Media HOUSTON, TX — The Annual Festival of Lights is one of the largest holiday celebrations in the Houston-Galveston area that takes place at Moody Gardens. The Festival of Lights has become a holiday tradition for families and groups alike.


Enjoy over 100 sound-enhanced animated light displays and nightly live entertainment. Glide across the ice at the area’s only Outdoor Ice Skating Rink. Indoors, you can take pictures with Santa or enjoy a variety of holiday-themed films at the 3D Theater, Ridefilm Theater and 4D Special FX Theater.

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PHOTOS: Hightlights of Houston Area Cheerleaders In Action

Houston Area Cheerleaders

Newscast Media HOUSTON, TX — Highlights of cheer leading events in the Houston area. Included are the Houston Rockets Power Dancer, the Houston Texans cheerleaders and the Dynamo Girls in action. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY >>

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PHOTOS: Annual Houston SPCA Catsanova Gala

Annual Houston SPCA Catsanova Gala

Newcast Media HOUSTON, TX — The annual Houston SPCA CATSANOVA gala is a “Black Tie Affair” featuring Italian renaissance soiree – an evening of cocktails, dinner, premier silent auction, live entertainment, and dancing for pet lovers and owners. Cats and dogs are among the pets available for adoption. Catsanova makes an appearance, along with his compatriots. CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO GALLERY>>

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PHOTOS: American Cheer Power National Championships

American Cheer Power

Newscast Media HOUSTON, TX — American Cheer Power is a national competition that was founded by Regina SymonsCheer Power as TCA, Texas Cheerleading Association Inc. in 1985 with two competitions. It grew into a State Championship and then went Nationwide in 1994 as American Cheer Power.


Cheer Power brought ability levels to the state of Texas which was the stimulus for the all-star growth. Cheer Power also has the largest Individual events competitions in the nation. Each year they select the “Nation’s Best Athlete” and present them with a college scholarship . In 2008 American Cheer Power proudly became a part of the largest cheer company in the country today, VARSITY!

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Government May Soon End Invasive Airport Pat Downs

Airport pat-down

Newscast Media — Following the release of videos showing toddlers being given pat-downs, the head of security at airports in the United States has conceded that the new screening procedures do raise concerns and changes in them are justifiable. Passengers who opt out of the full body scan have reported being humiliated by Transport Security Administration (TSA) agents with invasive pat-downs.

John Pistole, head of the TSA, said: “We’re going to look at how can we do the most effective screening in the least invasive way knowing that there’s always a trade-off between security and privacy.

“There is a continual process of refinement and adjustment to ensure that best practices are applied.”

He urged travelers not to heed calls for a boycott tomorrow of the new Advanced Imaging Technology machines, which have so far been introduced at about 20 per cent of the country’s 2,100 airport security lanes, arguing it would cause unnecessary disruption for other travelers.

The day before the annual Thanksgiving holidayon Thursday traditionally sees the highest volume of passengers in a single day, while 24 million people are expected to fly over the extended holiday period.

Public concern has grown to the extent that both President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, have been asked about the issue.

“I understand how difficult it is, and how offensive it must be for the people who are going through it,” said Mrs Clinton.

Asked if she would submit to a pat-down, she replied: “Not if I could avoid it, no. I mean who would?”

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88,000 Drinking Glasses With Toxic Heavy Metals Recalled By Coca-Cola

Coca Cola drinking glasses

Newscast Media — After tests showed some of the decoration on Coca-Cola glasses contained the toxic metal cadmium and high levels of lead, Coca-Cola has recalled 88,000 drinking glasses in the United States. The glasses which were designed to look like an all-red can of the soft drink “did not meet our quality expectations,” the company said.

Many of the poisonous drinking glasses depict comic book and film characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman and the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. Decorative enamel on some glasses featuring movie characters, which were on sale at a Warner Brothers Studios store in Los Angeles, exceeded safety limits for lead in children’s products by up to 1,000 times.

The enamel included up to 30.2 per cent lead when the limit for children’s products is 0.03 per cent.

Warner Brothers said the glasses were not marketed at children. The company said: “It is generally understood that the primary consumer for these products is an adult, usually a collector.”

The potential danger from such toxic glasses is that the cadmium could leach from the paint on to a child’s hand, and the child could then lick their unwashed hand.

Cadmium is a carcinogen that can harm kidneys and bones. It is used to create a particular shade of red in paint.

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Chrisitian Woman Saved By President From Execution For Blasphemy

Asia Bibi

Newscast Media — A Christian woman facing the death sentence for blasphemy against Islam has been freed today by Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari. Asia Bibi had already spent the last year and a half in prison after Muslim colleagues on the fruit farm where she worked accused her of blasphemy following a dispute between them over their different faiths.

Bibi became the first Christian woman in Pakistan to be handed the death sentence during a court hearing on November 8, and the 45-year-old was freed not long after President Zardari pardoned her today in the face of pressure from the international community.

The Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS), which provides free legal support to persecuted Christians in Pakistan, welcomed news of Bibi’s release.

Nasir Saeed, Coordinator of CLAAS in the UK, said: “This is the only acceptable outcome to what has been a travesty of justice from the outset. Asia Bibi should never have been charged with blasphemy, let alone found guilty and sentenced to death.

“We are relieved and overjoyed at Asia Bibi’s release but so long as the blasphemy laws remain in place there is no telling when another innocent Christian will face being executed because of something they said.”

It all started on Friday, June 19, during an intense discussion among the women about their faith, with the Muslim women telling Asia about Islam. Asia responded by telling them about her faith in Christ. Asia told the Muslim women Christ had died on the cross for our sins, then asked them what Mohammed had done for them, according to VOM sources. She told them Jesus is alive, but Mohammed is dead. “Our Christ is the true prophet of God,” she reportedly told them, “and yours is not true.”

Upon hearing this response the Muslim women became angry and began to beat Asia Bibi. Then some men came and took her and locked her in a room. They announced from mosque loudspeakers that she would be punished by having her face blackened and being paraded through the village on a donkey.

Local Christians informed the police, who took Asia into custody before the Muslims could carry out their plan. She is currently being held at the police station in Nankana city. Christians there urged the police not to file blasphemy charges, but police claimed that they must go forward due to pressure from local Muslim leaders.

Asia was arrested and prosecuted under Section 295 B and C of the Pakistan Penal Code, which carries a mandatory death penalty.

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Saudi King Abdullah Heads To The U.S For Medical Treatment

King Abdullah

Newscast Media — Sultan bin Abdulazziz the crown prince of Saudi Arabia has been given temporary authority by King Abdullah bin Abdulazziz to run the country while the king is in the U.S for medical treatment after a blood clot complicated a slipped spinal disc. King Abdullah, 86, asked Sultan to fly home
from Morocco, where he was on a three month vacation, to run the kingdom during his absence.

After the death of of his half brother King Fahd, the throne was assumed by King in August 2005, and in 2006, he set up the Allegiance Council, a body comprising close relatives, to vote by a secret ballot to choose future kings and crown princes. The council’s mandate will not start until after the reigns of King Abdullah and Sultan are over.

With both King Abdullah and Sultan in their 80s, there has been speculation that Prince Nayef, the interior minister, could take over running the affairs of state some time in the near future.

King Abdullah appointed his half-brother Nayef,76, second deputy prime minister in 2009 in a move that analysts say will secure the leadership in the event of serious health problems afflicting the king and crown prince and improve Nayef’s chances of one day being king.

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Ethics Committee Recommends Censure of Charles Rangel

Charles Rangel

Newscast Media –Embattled House member Charles Rangel tearfully apologized and asked for leniency from the House ethics committee, when it was apparent that he would become the first House member in nearly three decades to be recommended for censure.

The House ethics committee voted 9 to 1 in favor of censuring Rangel (D-N.Y.), who was found guilty this week of 11 violations of House rules, including improperly using his office to raise money and failing to pay taxes.

Censure, which is just below expulsion, is the second most serious punishment the House can impose on a member. The recommendation will next go to the full chamber, which will probably vote the week after Thanksgiving and is expected to endorse the committee’s decision.

Three months ago, Rangel dared the committee to “fire your best shot” and said he was confident that he would be cleared of the charges.

He had a much different tone on Thursday as he implored the panel to preserve his dignity and to declare that he is not “a crook.”

“I just hope no matter what you decide in the sanctions, that you put in that report Charles Rangel never sought any personal gain,” said the former chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee.

With a censure, Rangel would still be sworn in for his 21st term Jan. 5.

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Twenty four New Cardinals To Be Appointed By Pope Benedict

Pope Benedict XVI

Newscast Media –Pope Benedict XVI will appoint 24 new cardinals 10 of whom will be Italian, boosting the number of Italian cardinals to 25, making the chances greater for an Italian pontiff to be chosen as the next pope. The last Italian Pope was John Paul I, who was elected in August, 1978, but died just 33 days later.

The new members bring the College of Cardinals to 203, 121 of whom are under age 80 and thus eligible to vote in a conclave – the process by which a new Pope is elected in secrecy in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel.

Of the cardinals from European countries, nearly half those of voting age will be Italian. With the new cardinals, Benedict will have chosen 40 per cent of the College of Cardinals, infusing the group with conservative, tradition-minded prelates like himself.

That will virtually guarantee that a future Pope will not radically overhaul the direction of the Church.

The other appointees to be announced at the ceremony known as a consistory – only the third of Benedict’s papacy – will be drawn from around the world, including the US, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia. None are from Britain or Ireland.

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Mike Huckabee Mulls Run For 2012 Presidency

Mike Huckabee

Newscast Media — Fox News talk show host and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee says he is still mulling over another run at the the 2012 presidency.

Huckabee would not rule out the possibility of another run for the White House on an interview with WHO radio in Des Moines, but added he would need evidence of a clear path to victory before jumping into the GOP race.

“I’m not ruling it out. And that’s not a yes, but it’s definitely not a no,” Huckabee told WHO’s Steve Deace.

“The honest answer is: I’m keeping it open as an option; I’m looking at whether or not there’s a pathway to victory,” he added. “As I’ve told several people, I’m not jumping into a pool when there’s no water in it.”

The former Arkansas Governor is also an ordained Baptist minister and author.

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Gov Perry says U.S. should consider deploying troops into Mexico

Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Newscast Media AUSTIN, TX– The newly re-elected Texas Gov. Rick Perry said in order to contain the drug-related violence that plagues the US-Mexico border, the U.S. should consider deploying armed forces into Mexico. Perry said military might is necessary to defeat the drug cartels, and the success of immigration reform will depend on how effectively border violence is decreased.

“I think we have to use every aspect of law enforcement that we have, including the military,” Perry said. “Any means that we can use to run these people off our border and to save Americans’ lives, we need to be engaged in.”

Perry has been a vocal proponent of deploying more military forces to the U.S.-Mexico border, hand-delivering a request to President Barack Obama in August.

Perry also believes that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, and is bold in stating his beliefs about it.

“My children are in their mid-20s. They know for a fact that Social Security is not going to be around. They know it’s a Ponzi scheme,” he said. “When you have a very small group paying in to pay a very large group, that’s a Ponzi scheme.”

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