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Ayatollah: Killing Blacks is not something new in the U.S.

ayatollah on george floyd 

by Joseph Earnest June 5, 2020


Newscast Media TEHRAN, IranSpeaking at a televised speech on the 31st anniversary of the demise Imam Khomeini aired live, Ayatollah Khamenei said, "The great Imam is alive among us for many years after his apparent death, and he must survive, and we will benefit from his presence, spirituality, thought, and pointing finger."

"The change in the spirit of depression and the submission of the other nation was the other action of the Imam. Before the Imam's movement, the people of Iran had nothing to do with their basic issues and were busy with their personal issues, but entering the field of demand especially for great and important things were made by Imam, and this same nation turned its submission into a demanding nation," he said.

Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized, "Another change was the change in people's views of themselves and society. The Iranian people had a self-contemptuous view of themselves, and no one could have imagined that the Iranian nation would be able to overcome the superpowers. Not only the nation overcome the foreign powers, but also internal powers. The Imam turned this feeling of contempt into a feeling of self-confidence and dignity."

According to him, another change was the change in the basic demands of the people. If a group of people had a demand from the ruling system of that time, the demands were at the level of paving an alley, but the Imam promoted the people's demand for independence, freedom, or turning against East or West.

"The change in the view of religion was another change of the Imam. People at that time considered religion only for personal reasons, the Imam defined the mission of systematization and civilization for religion, and people changed their view of religion to the whole," the Leader said.

"Today you see the chaotic state of America, what is seen today in American cities and states is the emergence of a reality that has always been hidden that has now been exposed today. Putting a foot on a black man's neck and pressuring him to die is not something that has just been created, it is American nature and it is something that is done with many countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and so on," the leader added.

"Let's Breathe" the slogan that the American people are chanting today, this is the word of all the nations where America has intervened there. The Americans were disgraced by their own behavior by God's grace. Their Corona management has disgraced them, and their poor management has led to several times more than many casualties in other countries," he highlighted.

"Today, the American people feel ashamed and ashamed of their governments, and those who are in our country or some Iranians who are abroad whose job is to support and embellish the United States, will not raise their heads today," Ayatollah Khamenei concluded. Add Comments >>

Source: Tehran Times














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