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Atheists target Black American community during Black History month

 by Joseph Earnest  February 7, 2012


Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas.  An effort led by a group of atheist Black Americans from the organization African Americans for Humanity (AAH), has launched a series of ads asking Blacks to think about leaving their churches. The ads have been strategically placed at the beginning of Black History month which is in February. The ads also feature faces of famous Blacks on them, to make them more convincing, since Blacks are the most religious minority in America.


Ad courtesy, African Americans for Humanism

"African Americans who question religion often feel rejected by religious family and friends, and by the greater black community," said Debbie Goddard, director of AAH. "But there is a rich heritage of religious skepticism and humanism in black history. By featuring the historical faces as well as the modern in our ad campaign, we show people that questioning religion is not new and that there are many of us here."

While it unclear who is funding this crusade to specifically target Blacks, it is obvious that the main purpose of these ads is to destablize the already-fragmented Black family by eroding its moral compass and values that sustain the family, and can only be derived through spirituality.  

Ray Comfort, international evangelist and author of Hitler, God, and the Bible, as well as the anti-abortion short film "180," claims that African-Americans are staying in churches not because of social pressures, but because they are "too smart" to accept the atheistic worldview.  

In an article at WND, the author further asserts: "Atheistic evolution isn't an intelligent belief, as atheists would have the black community believe, it's a philosophy for the dumbest of the dumb, and it's an insult to the black heritage to try and hoodwink them into believing that nothing created everything."  You may read the entire article here. (pop-up)  

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